arriving in Bregenz

AAHHHHWWW my butt/leggs are sore !!!!!!

Did a long distance today from Konstanz to Bregenz via the long way round on the German side of the lake for 2 main reasons
1. So I could still use my German data sim and would be able to check my mail for messages from couchsurfin, warmshowers and helpx hosts
2. I had plenty of time to kill since my host wouldn't be home untill 6pm
So in total I rode for about 125km which took me all day with some very nice breaks along/in the lake and soooooo many beatifull sights/villages/towns

The beginning started of pretty steep already from about 350m up to +/- 600m but with Farfegnügel it went really well, I only had to get off but that was because I didn't shift the gears properly and the chain flew off, so I still need to get used to the proper shifting going up hill ^^
but when I finally made it all the way up there....... I had to go down again :D and that was AWESOME !!!!!! so incredibly cool racing down with up to 60km/h without even peddeling, quite a rush ^^ now I'm actually looking forward to the Alps :p
After that it was mostly flat and so I was cruising along the route which with Farfegnügel was still around 25km/h super nice :D

After a couple of hours cruising my stomach thought it was a good time for some lunchbreak and so I found myself a nice place on/in the lake for a quick swim and devoured a large package of chocolate chip cooking yumm ^^ after some 30min I was already dry again so kept on going and enjoying all the wonderfull sceneries untill after some hours my legs started nagging and thus I took another break in Friedrichshafen where I really needed some cold drinking water which a local was happy to show and tell me that every town here has drinkable public fountains so thats really good to know :)
I also had a quick look at my mail and to my great joy saw that I have a host for my next stop in Bluden for a couple of nights. Shortly after I saw it was already 4.30pm and thought to myself that I'd better hurry a little to Bregenz.

Once I finally arrived at my hosts house he was already home and right away offered me a shower, laundry, a cold beer and wifi, all I could wish for ^^ But unfortunatly he quickly had to go away again to a work meeting and so I'm now chilling in his garden in a hammock ^^ not bad at all but now my stomach is telling me I should stop blogging and start cooking so untill the next post !! :D

Ps I also donated my lonely planet travel guide since so far I haven't really used it and it's fairly heavy and needed to lose some bagage weight so I hope the guy by whose tent I left it will have a good use for it ^^