view on way to pfunds

Rain rain rain and more rain.......Only saw about 2 rays of sun today

:/ luckily it was mostly dry while cycling and at least I could enjoy the nice views but all in all it was a very wet day :/
Only did about 30km today, since tomorrow I have to struggle with another mountain pass and my legs still feel a little rubber like from the last one. Tomorrows challenge is gonna be the Rescher pass where I will have to climb about 700m and I'm now at a camping some 13km away so I can go at it fresh ^^
But unfortunatly there really nothing to do on this camping and since the weather sucks, swimming isn't really an option either ..... So I gues nothing is what I will do then and allow my legs to rest up for tomorrow and so I'm now watching the rain fall down from underneath a wooden cabin next to my tent..... mayb I'll try some meditatating, reading or try and learn some more italian since that's where I'll be tomorrow ^^
I just hope the weather gets better soon despite the shitty forcast for the whole week......

Well eventually I didn't meditate, read or learn some more italian....instead I fell asleep :p untill a very loud group arrived at the camping waking me up :/ grrrrrrr...... oh well back to chilling with some music and read a little until my stomach started growling again.... so time to get out and join the loud people in the wooden cabin to do some cooking. turned out they are very nice people from Tchechie that were very impressed with my journey and what I plan to do
and were asking lots and lots of questions so that was a pretty fun dinner time ^^ but as soon as I was done with dinner I went to do my dishes and jumped back into my tent since it was getting pretty cold out and I was still pretty tired......