• Netherlands

    My very first touring bike, meet Betsy

  • Italy

    Picking grapes, during HelpX voluneering in Campania

  • Germany

    Cycling along the beautiful river Rhine

  • Italy

    Exploring the beautiful town Polignano a Mare, Puglia

  • Austria

    Getting ready to conquer some mountain passes (Bielerhode & Reschenpass)

chopping wood at farm

Had a nice two weeks at the farm again, nice and easy going ^^ the weather is changing a lot but still a lot of warm and sunny days, most of them start out chilly/cold and foggy but around 10am it’s usually clears up making way for the lovely and still warm sun :D which makes it all the more enjoyable here ^^ much more than the rainy days but all in all I’m still having a good time here :D

mountain walk29

After the wonderful weekend in Florence, Tuesday (27-10-2015) it was again time to get back to work at the farm, good thing it’s been great weather ^^ (shorts and t-shirt kind of weather, sometimes even no shirt :D )

kathedral in florence

Friday 23-05-2015 Back to Florence

Woohooo finally going back to Florence to meet up with Elisa from Bologna after a month of chatting, whatsapp etc ^^. Sooooo I had to get up really early (about 5.30am when it’s still freaking dark outside bleeeghh :P) since it’s a long trip from the farm to Florence.

The euro cycling route 2015-2016

click for detailed route