• Netherlands

    My very first touring bike, meet Betsy

  • Italy

    Picking grapes, during HelpX voluneering in Campania

  • Germany

    Cycling along the beautiful river Rhine

  • Italy

    Exploring the beautiful town Polignano a Mare, Puglia

  • Austria

    Getting ready to conquer some mountain passes (Bielerhode & Reschenpass)

bike trip2 at farm

The last 3 weeks or so were actually pretty quiet and nothing very exciting happened really……

view from ontop of the little village

What a good start for these past two weeks ^^ starting with a lovely Zen Sunday, some fasting, meditating, yoga etc and was very relaxed throughout the day, really wonderful :D However the next day Monday 21 dec was even better since Ismael (the annoying Brazilian volunteer) finally left, wooohooooo ^^

The euro cycling route 2015-2016

click for detailed route