• Netherlands

    My very first touring bike, meet Betsy

  • Italy

    Picking grapes, during HelpX voluneering in Campania

  • Germany

    Cycling along the beautiful river Rhine

  • Italy

    Exploring the beautiful town Polignano a Mare, Puglia

  • Austria

    Getting ready to conquer some mountain passes (Bielerhode & Reschenpass)

the grapevine office at farm0

It’s been a busy happening these past two weeks……… There were two birthdays (Lele’s and mine), another group of volunteers have come and gone, puked my guts out due to a stomach virus, some new animals arrived (4 sheep) and I decided I want to hit the road again on the 4th of April.

SpritzTime at farm

Cheers, Saluti, tjing tjing, kanpai, nostrovia, skal and proost. Another 2 weeks raced by and another couple of volunteers arrived and you can probably guess lots of drinks have been drunk.

It’s a lot of fun with the new volunteers Arthur and Lele from France even when we’re not drinking anything, we’re having lots of laughs and stupid jokes.

The euro cycling route 2015-2016

click for detailed route