Waking up to a beautiful sky on the camping in Litomerice, I decided to take it nice and easy to get started and take my time to let my tent dry up from all the condensed moisture on the inside.

After spending an extra unplanned day in Belgrade, since the weather was horrible, all rain, all day it was about time to get going again. This time towards Novi Sad.

After a nice slow start up and saying my goodbyes to all the sweet cats and kittens I started on my way towards Serbia.

After having a nice relaxing and yet painful couple of days at the camping it was time to keep heading north, towards Macedonia……

After my time playing with the kittens in Rethymno, I kept on going to the west of Crete, Chania was the next destination…..where I was to be hosted by the very kind Lina and her family.

As you see on the title I have left the dive center, after giving it another week or so I decided it’s not for me to work such long days without the promised scuba lessons. Too bad since all the people are really nice and I got along with them very well (yes even with the boss that was yelling at me some time ago about the peddle boat)

It has been quite a various two weeks. My last 2 days in Athens were pretty quiet I explored the city a little by foot got my ticket for the ferry to crete, but mostly chilled out a lot. It really is a giant city and very busy but there are still some nice and quiet places to be found.

Although the last week started off a bit slow, soon enough lots of fun and interesting things have come my way ^^

ferry to Igouminitsa

My last 2 days in Albania, Saranda were very relaxing and easy going, I didn’t really do anything except enjoy the beach since I pretty much saw all the sights etc. and was actually planning to leave Monday but it was pretty bad weather……. So I stayed another 2 days.

Himara beach

After leaving the HelpX hostel I had made my way to a bigger town some 9km further, Himara, it was a short ride and pretty nice too since it was mostly downhill and doing that I really enjoy the 10% (incline) a hell of a lot more ;)

My 4 days in Himara were super relaxed as most of the days I spent at least several hours enjoying the sun, the beaches and the beautiful colored and nice warmish sea, which I always find delightful.

Vuno view on way to beach3

My last day in Italy……. Was one filled with beautiful weather lots of relaxing and good company.
The first couple of hours I was relaxing in the sun enjoying some music and watching people go by on the boulevard.

Otranto sea view

After a relaxing weekend at Santa Maria di Leuca I was starting to get the itch to hit the road again after a Sunday of doing absolutely nothing :p So Monday after a nice breakfast I woke Floran packed up and started my way to Otranto.

Santa Maria di Leuca

So the last 6 or so days at the HelpX farm in Gorgofreddo were also really relaxing, usually just a couple hours work after lunch and that was that…. Back to relaxing ^^ Even with all the relaxing we did get some things done of course :P

Bella polignano8

With Tuesday knocking on the door it was time to leave Bari again, bye bye wonderful hot tub and very friendly hosts. My plan was to first go to Bari and explore the old town a little, since I was too tired/lazy during my days with my hosts. After just a short while some guy in a car stopped me for a little chat, all good and fun, until out of the blue he asked if I would have sex with him….. WTF :/

finally a beach at manfredonia

It was an interesting week, both very relaxing and very active. It started, luckily, very relaxing with just a short 40km ride from Rignano Garganica to Manfredonia. Just a little bit of climbing before I could go down the hills of Gargano which was really fun to do and got me to Manfredonia in a short 2 hours which of course meant time to chill by the beach !!! :D