Pfoee the first day of cycling is over :) WHAT A SHIT WEATHER !!!!! Rain Rain Rain dry bit and RAIN RAIN RAIN bleeeeeggghhhhh luckily it was pretty warm even with the shit rain :)

Also I was happy to see some other bike touring people on the road which was very motivating (just to know I’m not the only idiot cycling around is such crappy weather :P)

But besides the crappy weather it actually was quite a nice ride with lots of nice sceneries and for the first hour or so to Rotterdam I was accompanied by my good friend Kretjuh :D which I really appreciated (so dude THNX ouwuhh !!! )

So now several (annoying) big cities, lots of little villages, pastures, 3 ferry boat, lots of rain showers and approximately 81 km further I finally made it to the campsite for the day, one with all the needed facilities for 22,50 which is pretty expensive but I would’ve paid that only for the shower :p, so no wild camping yet….. weather was just too crappy and I REALLY needed that warm shower ^^ which was ooooohh so nice :D (BTW the bigger cities where so annoying because of all the damn traffic lights every 5 meters ….. and too much traffic so had to stop like every 5 minutes :/)

Anyway putting up the tent was a breeze and went up the very first try :D (yes I’ve never tried to put it or any other tent up even though I had it for a while already :P) and I’m actually pretty comfortable on my little air matrass.

In a bit I’ll be cooking my dinner for tonight, just some boiled sausages on bread, and hunt for the wifi and continue chilling with the Spanish neighbor campers who are also cycle touring lots of fun :)

I do hope SOOOOO much it stays dry tonight so my clothes can finally dry up :) ow no luck with the wifi the cheap bastards even charge for that :/