test2: levi

apple lunch break

Ooeeww such a nice wake up this morning :D sun was shining and birds where singing the song of their peoples :P and my clothes …………………. Still wet :( but they dried up quickly enough while cycling, although the wet dog smell didn’t really get out :P

So after a failed attempt to get down some breakfast (really not my favorite meal of the day :P) I packed everything up and loaded up my bike checked out and hit the road again :D and it was again a very nice route (damn I’m happy with my offline navigation app) lots of pastures and forests and the bigger city of today (Tilburg) was very quiet so I went through it nice and quickly to get back to the nice pastures and forests such a lovely pine smell they have( the forests that is ….. many the pastures smelled like cowshit :P)

I also took some more photos today since the rain wasn’t keeping me from doing so J and even shot a couple short video’s which when I have enough I will try and edit into a cool movie (so be patient !!)

I even cycled a bit “off-road” today which turned out pretty cool ^^ you might wonder why the hell I would wanna go off-road with my fully loaded bike, well it’s pretty simple why…………………. It seems my navigation app has the option to take up those kind of roads and stairs sidewalks etc etc into the planned route. But all went very well…………………… Until…………………… it told me to go straight through a non-cyclable cornfield :P so screw that option turned it off and stuck to paved roads for the rest of the day 

So after a nice hot and tirsty 60 or so km I finally reached todays camp site at a farm for only 7,50 and everything included, EVEN WIFI :p (I was getting already getting withdrawal symptoms :P) so first things first after arriving …..

Get settled (unpack set up tent)                                                 CHECK
Get nice and cool shower                                                           CHECK
and drink lots and lots of water cuz I was damn thirsty                 CHECK
chill out (aahww yeah)                                                               CHECK

And also did some groceries for tonights dinner which is gonna be some pasta and for now …… Blogging time :D hope you enjoy following my trip so far :)