test2: levi

Ice cream break

Pppppfffffoooooooeeeeee damn today was a very tough day (frigging murphy and his damn law :/) oh well here we go……..

It all started out quite nicely and easy going woke up very rested, had some fruit for breakfast (that I can eat in the morning :P) slowly packed all my stuff and wanted to head out to get to Weert, but noooooooo…….. mr murphy and his laws had other plans :(

So yeah it was a flat tire….. all in all no problem and fixed quickly enough, so pumped it up, started loading up and went to get some colder water and when I came back…… flat again grrrrrrrr, so fixed it again but it was no good…… SHIT !!!!! now what do I do…….

Luckily the very nice camping neighbors that also gave some free food yesterday evening came to my rescue :D and drove me to the nearest bike store so I could buy some new inner tires (got 2 just in case :P) so they really helped my out of a though spot and the are definatly my hero’s of the day :D (so if you are reading this thank you again !! )

But …………… that was not the end of it , murphy still had more plans for me :/ because after fixing the tires and swapping the outer tires (front to back and back to front) my breaks were grinding on my wheel so that caused A LOT of drag and made it quite hard to ride my bike, so I went as fast as I could possibly go (not even 7km/hour) to a bike repair shop

And apparently ……
- The rear break cable needs replacing because it is rusted and stuck
- There are some loose spokes
- theirs is a bend in my wheel (but that is the least important)

And of course the bike repair guys were way to busy to fix my bike so I could keep on going (but at least he tuned my front break :D ) thus I had to go to Weert with a bad rear break and LOTS of drag :( and DAMN that was FUCKING killing and demotivating also the heat didn’t help much either…….

So after a killingly slow 10 km I was exhausted and took a break on a bench in the shade and fuled up on some bananas and apples and was seriously thinking of throwing in the towel so to say and jump on the first train I can get and go home (Fuck it all)

But then there appeared this weird shiny thing over my head (a light bulb :p ) with a marvelous idea in it……..namely why don’t I just disconnect the whole freaking rear break :D. which worked perfectly and I was back on the road to Weert after an average top speed of less than 7km/hour back to 20+ km/hour aaaaahhhwww yeah :D

So with one working break, some loose spokes and very hot weather I cycled the remaining 30km or so to Weert. Luckily I came across an highway oasis (tank station) and bought some delightfully cold drink and ice-cream soooooo nice :D shortly after that I was also directed by my GPS over a highway which was pretty exciting and scary at the same time with all the racing traffic so as soon as I could I left the highway for a regular one ^^

Finally arriving in Weert I was very nicely welcomed by my good friend Gideon (a.k.a Dier/ Animal :p ps don’t ask why )

I’m sorry that I didn’t take many pictures at all today but it was just not on my mind, to busy focusing on the though ride

Anyway now I’m chilling at Gidi’s work place (Restaurant Twee in Weert, yeah starting with ads already :p )and in a bit I gotta call the restaurants bike repair friend to see if he can fix my bike if not tomorrow I’ll have to bring it to a repair shop and mayb stay an extra day somewhere around here if it takes a while to fix it so fingers crossed that it can be fixed fast :)

But for now taking it easy, chilling out and later tonight turn Weert upside down :P (if I haven’t fallen asleep yet cuz I’m still quite exhausted ^^)