test2: levi

 some reading

Today was a nice and relaxing day :D slept in till noon or so and took our time getting started which was quite necessary after yesterday’s tough ride (and last night’s drinking :P). Going out in Weet was very fun and enjoyed some nice cold beers and other weird (but tasty, except for a certain shot :p ) drinks I even made an attempt at some dancing but my muscles were still too sore :P

Anyway after our slow startup I packed up my bike and me and Gidi went looking for a bike repair shop since he knows Weert……….. well after 3 rounds around and through Weert still didn’t find a single trace of a bike shop :p so instead we asked internet and gps and found one within 5 minutes :P

Dropped of my bike at the shop and luckily I could leave my stuff there too since it would take at least an hour to get my bike fixed so we went into the center where there was a market with very nice and fun vibe. We found ourselves a nice terrace, had some drinks and watched all the people going by really funny actually and I have to say Weert is a pretty nice town :) I can understand why he stayed there for so long ^^

After an hour or so we went back to pick up my bike and it runs like a train again Choochoooo ( oh wait no….. Tring Tring :P ) after that we went to the train station since Gidi went back home to Den Haag and said out goodbyes and went on to a nice camping at a farm just outside of Weert which was also very nice and relaxed, but most importantly ….. the have a pool !!! whooohooooo :D

So as fast as I could I pitched my tent unpacked my stuff and was off to the pool which was VERY nice :D after some soaking I went to chill out in the sun to dry up and make a plan for the next day (about 55km to a camping outside Maastricht.

In the evening I made myself a nice pasta dinner with my little cook set which worked out better than expected Yummmmm :) but as usual I made too much pasta and all the camping neighbors had already eaten ad were full so I had to throw it away :(

For the rest of the evening the plan was chilling out by my tent and clean the dishes of course ^^ and maybe go in search for an icy dessert ^^