test2: levi

lunch break in belgium

After a very relaxing Saturday, today it was time to head out on the road again. The day started wet and rainy, but that was so early I just turned around and went back to sleep :p

At 8.45 my get you ass out of bed and start packing alarm went off and did just that in a nice and easy pace and payed the farmer the 7,50 I owed, although I could’ve just got on my way without her noticing I thought……. Naaaahh it’s only 7,50, let’s just pay ^^

The route was actually pretty boring after I left the area of Weert but I did have my first 2 border crossings today :) from NL into Belgium and later back into NL :p

In Belgium it was just one LONG straight road next to kind of a highway (provincial road I think it was) which was not very interesting at all and very little nice sceneries, btw those roads could definitely use some more/better maintenance) but even though the route was pretty boring it did take me through a lot of little villages with a lot of cute little(and big) houses although I would not want to live there :p

After about 50km I arrived in Maastricht and was directed straight through the city center to get to the camping and the first person in Maastricht that talked to me tried to sell me some weed hahahaha failure street dealer :P but apparently there are still plenty of tourists that don’t know how buying weed works in NL :p

Anyway from what I could see Maastricht seems to be a very nice city and I will definitely go there again and stay a little longer, but not this time :p tomorrow I’m heading to Aachen ^^

After I finally found the camping, which was actually somewhat hidden, it was the usual ritual…… unpacking, pitching tent, shower, lunch and after that do some groceries for dinner, pasta again but a very different one this time and went hunting for some wifi which the camping didn’t have and I had to arrange and look up some stuff for accommodation in Aachen (looking for willing hosts or a hostels/ camping which I did with 2 delicious cold beers, fingers crossed someone is willing to host me ^^