test2: levi

Yet again a rainy wet day :/ but this time I was better prepared and had my poncho out and ready to go in no time :) which kinda helped but not all that well :p at least it did make me look like some kind of super hero biker with a (poncho)cape flapping behind me as I’m cycling :p

Despite the rain I still had a nice ride today but it was a pretty tough one with all the hills, but they made the scenery all the more beautiful :D so it was all ok although the first hill right after leaving the camping was a bit too steep to start with :p But in the end it all turned out fine

I also visited the point where the Dutch, Belgium and German borders meet (3 country point) and the highest place in NL although I would have liked to know in advance those 2 places are right beside each other……. I would have gone there without any baggage :p Damn that was a killer climb and eventually I had to get of my bike and walk up there pushing my bike, which was also pretty tough actually :p but I did make it to the top of the hill :) (although my legs would tell it was a mountain :P) took some pictures had a little lunch break and went back.

Going down was really cool and a little scary racing around corners at about 45km/hour with a fully packed bike but damn it was COOOOOLL !!!!!!

After the 3 country point I was in Aachen pretty quickly and it turned out that it’s a city with a lot of hills…. :/ not something I was waiting for being tired and wet so I went to the Hostel asap, but it turned out I entered the wrong address of another Hostel which is quite a bit more expensive than I hoped (34euro + 1.50 for an hour of wifi :/) but since I was tired and wet I just stayed there and at least the price includes breakfast and the rooms are nice and clean

After the usual ritual (no tent pitching this time though :p) I went to the center to look for a cheaper hostel for tomorrow since I want to stay here a couple days and found 2 options (one for 16euro and one for 20 euro) and after that I also got myself a german Sim with 2gb of data for 20euro so if any of you want the call or text my number is (+491 521 785 5332) and I even found something to remind of last years El camino de santiago :D

After finally getting the internet to work on my phone (it turned out there were some settings not automatically set) I saw I had some messages on warmshowers and couchsurfing but unfortunately no one is able to host me, but at least someone wants to meet up and give me a tour tomorrow jeej :D