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Tuesday 21-07-2015 Aachen

What a wonderfull day :) after sending out a number of warmshower requests I woke up with a nice surprise this morning.......I FOUND A HOST !!!! for the very first time :D-
A very nice and relaxed guy that has just been 2 months back from 8 months in New Zealand and his very nice mother.

When I arrived I was welcomed very nicely by Jacob, got a tour of the house and I quickly asked to jump in the shower because I was very sweaty and smelly :p
After the shower we chatted about our travels and future travel plans (apparently he is also going to Italy this summer so who knows we might see each other there again:P)
after a while we decided to go into the city center and he gave me a nice tour of Aachen and showed me some of the nicest places around

He showed me all the "big" tourist attractions and ate the best Durum of the city ^^ yummmmm and went to do some stuff that he needed to arrange for his trip to italy
after that he showed me some of the nice and beautifull places of the city and chilled out a bit very nice :)

Once we got back to his house his mother had also gotten home so I introduced myself and had a short chat since she was in a hurry to go to her yoga class and we had to do groceries
for the dinner that I am going to prepare (Thai coconutsoup with rice) which they said they really liked :D

After dinner me and Jacob went back to the moste chillout place in Aachen with some beers to chat and chill some more and enjoy the beautiful scenery with a nice setting sun :)
and after a couple of hours we went back where there was a very comfy bed/couch was waiting for me.

Good night

Wednesday 22-07-2015 Aachen day 2

Today another nice and relaxed day, slept in till nice and early in the afternon had a good breakfast and chilled out a bit.

Whe I thought it was about time to take some action I went back to the most beautiful place with my grandpa to spread the first bit of his ashes
which was quite emotional ^^

After a little while I went back to Jacobs house where we chilled and chatted some more and eventually went on a digital treasure hunt :S (geocaching) a little outside of Aachen
which was really fun and a very nice walk through nature :D and we actually did find the treasure :D which it self was just some random stuff but the whole searching and riddle solving made it very fun :)

After that we went back to his house and start to prepare for a german dinner this time ( Milch reis) which was very good and is recipe nr 1 of my trip ^^ and when we were full we went to watch a movie, all in all a very good day :D