test2: levi

road selfie

On the road again ^^ woke up very rested today and even my legs were up to the challenge again :D
So after a nice breakfast and a goodbye to Jacob (and many many thanks) I head out to go to Liblar some 20km before Bonn

The weather was also very nice for cycling, dry and not too warm either and a fairly blue sky with some very pretty clouds here and there :D

The route it self wasn't all that interesting mostly next to and over big roads and also some bits over a highway again which was quite exciting again but as soon as I was able I left it again :)
and luckily te boring road was compensated with some very beautiful sceneries of hillsides filled with grainfields and pastures very nice :D

after a fairly quick 65km since it was mainly downhill I arrived an hour earlier than my gps originally said I would :P at a nice camping by a very nice lake ^^
Sooooo as soon as I unpacked and pitched my tent I immediately went to the lake to have a little swim and dry up in the lovely warm sun.

When I was pretty much done with that I started to figure out where I would go the next day with some delicious cold beers and something to eat, frikandelle mit broht,
Yummmmm a nice "broodje frikandel" I thought (for the non dutchies google it, it's a typical Dutch snack) but I couldn't be more wrong so instead of what I thought I got to meatballs with some bread and mustard
also very good but a little dissapointing still :P hahaha

the plan for the rest of the day is to chillout on the beach in the sun and read up on the Rhine route which I was doing with bob marley blasting out of my super chill Urban Revolt bluetooth speakers (reclame, reclame :P)