test2: levi

Woohoo I finally made it to the Rhine :D it took me a while since my GPS didn't wanna lead me on the route via the river, instead it kept sending me away from the Rhine to a boring main road which I did not want AT ALL. I WANNA FOLLOW THE RHINE !!!!!!

So I turned it off and made my way to the river which was a very good choice since it is a very nice route with a lot of very nice sceneries :D
the downside of cycling by such a body of water is that I constantly wanted to jump in since it was pretty hot and I was very sweaty :p

After about 55 - 60 km I eventually stopped sooner that I planned to (in Remagen) since my rear wheel was making some unpleasant noice and I wanted to have that checked asap
and where I was planning to go was just a small village with a good chance of no bike reapair shop, but In Remagen there is at least one :) So as fast as I could I pitched my tent
dropped in my stuff an headed to the bike repair shop.

After he was finished making me out for a dumbass wanting to go all the way to Italy with my bike, since it's definately not a tourbike but a simple step-in mountainbike,
it appeared that the bearing were a little dry and just needed some oil so nothing serious luckily :D

Just before I left he did reassure me that there are people that went much further wich much worse bikes than mine and that the bike will probably be o and that I need to be carefull
and avoid all the potholes and such ( duuh ) although that's not at all an easy task with these pretty bad roads here in Germany.

After I left I went to get some groceries for lunch and dinner which is gonna be pasta AGAIN, but at least the last one for a while (REALLY done with pasta for now :P )
when arriving back at the camping I quickly ate some lunch and went to the reception to register since they were on a break when I rolled in :p and when that was done
I decided to go and explore Remagen a little by foot saw some of the local sights and had a nice cold couple of beers figuring out where to stay tomorrow.

Now back at the tent chilling untill I get hungry and cook my last pasta for a while :D