view on way to koblenz9

Since I was told yesterday that today was gonna be a shitty rainy day again I planned it to be a short biking day, about 40km, only to wake up with some ver good weather :D
so I thought naaaah I can go further ^^

But after a half hour or so the sky broke up and rain came rushing down as if it was in a hurry to get me soaking wet :P luckily I there was a busstop nearby and I took shelter there
for a while and got my raincovers and poncho out to keep my bags and myself as dry as possible ^^ After te short but hard rainshower I went on cycling untill the next shower came along
and once again the next shelter as well :D and that is pretty much how the day went :P

The route itself was very diverse, from beautful natural landscapes and lovely little villages to industrial harbors filled with shipping containers and even passed by a nuclear power plant
(ugly fuckers those are :P) So lots of sights to be seen, don't worry I did keep at least one eye on the road :P

After the 40km of about 3 to 4 hours which is quite slow, but then I did had to take a lot of shelter from the rain which is also pretty time consuming :P
I finally arrived at the camping in Koblenz and of course had the usual ritual which was a bit more challenging this time because of a pretty strong wind ^^

When I was finished with the ritual I went in to Koblenz to explore a bit and see the sights which was very nice, lots of pretty old buildings and enjoyable squares with lovely fountains.
After a couple of hours of exploring my stomach started complaining and so I went back to the camping to make myself some dinner and chill out by the tent which turned into chilling inside
my tent in my sleeping bag since it was getting pretty cold with the annoying wind blowing straight through :p but all in all I kept pretty warm :)