test2: levi

What an amazing day today was :D the weather was lovely and the route ..... my oh my so incredibly beautifull, the next bit even more so than the last and from
lovely village to lovelier village and I even had to dodge a small sportscar parade in a bit too narrow main street :P

When I arrived at the planned destination I was thinking to keep going another 20km to a bit bigger town to catcg up on sme distance, but I am very happy that I didn't do so since it's so very beautifull here in Bacharach

So I looked up the camping did the usual when arriving and had my very first swim in the Rhine river which had a very nice temperature :)

After a nice shower and cleaning my smelly clothes I went into the village where apparently there was a jeux de boule contest going on and was very fun to walk through and look at but I wanted to go on to see the village.
And a lovely village it is, filled with old and pretty buildings including an old castle building on top of the hill/mountain/whatever :P so I just HAD to go up there and my oh my what a wonderful view.

When I was finally able to pull myself away from the castle view I decided to write a bit of my travel journal and try some of the local wine which is very tasty although a bit pricey too :/
unfortunatly it started to rain a little and I didn't put up the rainprotection thing on the top of my tent so I kinda had to hurry back to put it up, but it wasn't raining hard so it was all fine :)