test2: levi

Monday  27-07-2015 Bacharach - Mainz

Change of plans !! (probably)
After it finally stopt raining and I dared to get out of my tent again :p I started chatting with my camping neighbour, an retired Amsterdammer that is touring the Rhine with his wife in the opposite direction of me (so down river)

When I told him about my plan to cross the Alps via Innsbruck (Austria) he strongy recommended against that, since there are very few to no bike routes there plus it's gonna be VERY steep, so instead he advices me tofollow the Rhine to it's source and from there on out follow another river into Italy which would also take me into the area of Lake Garda, which was my main plan to begin with so all in all no loss there. So no Stuttgart and Munich but Strassbourg, Basel and Zurich instead (most likely)

After the heavy showers in the morning I luckily only got some slight drizzle of rain wich was not bad at all :D
The route took me by lots and lots of farms, tree orchards and community gardens and thus all along the route I stopped to pick some delicious fresh fruits yummmm
the end score was 2 apples , 2 hands full of cherries, and lots of raspberries :)
I also crossed the 50 degree lattitude which appears to be one of many Unsesco heritage sites along the Rhine, pretty cool ^^.

After I arrived in Mainz I still had to wait a bit for my warmshowers host to get off from work so I am now enjoying a nice Durum and a delicious beer, but I have to say the Durum in Aachen was much better :p
In a bit I will go around and explore the immidiate area which is a university campus and see what the rest of the day brings ^^

Wow you won't believe where I ended up today........it turns out that my warmshowers host lives in a squatters camp, I did was definatly not expecting that from his warmshowers profile :p
but so far everyone is quite nice although I do kinda feel unconfortable here, feels like there is a slight atmospere of wtf is he doing here...... but then again I was feeling the same way ^^
other than that it was also seemed like a small dump filled with trash, spider webs, weird smells and nothing can be locked.....

But although I do somehow think its kinda cool in some weird way I think tomorrow I will take my leave and go to a camping nearby ^^ back to mt "clean" tent :P

Tuesday 28-07-2015 Mainz

Well I survived the night at the squatters camp :P although I didn't get a good night sleep at all and was wide awake way too early, so I had an early start, packed up my stuffand went to a nearby camping.

After a nice breakfast in the sun and a delightful hot shower I did some laundry and almost broke the laundry machine .... oops :p I also streamlined some plans with someone that is going to join me for a bit along the Rhine
and I'm very curious to meet him, he was talking about bringing some home made eggrolls so I think I like him already :p

In a bit I will go into the city of Mainz to exlore and see the sights which I am told should be very nice ^^

Well......to be very honest I don't think Mainz is all that interesting mainly just a everyday city with some old building here and there which mostly are churches .... (bleegh) also not that many enjoyable squares and the ones that did seem nice
were already too crowded to really enjoy :/ and just as I wanted to give this city a bad rating I stumbled upon something really cool, an fake beach on the boulevard along the Rhine which is super chill and has some nice summer music playing with some delicious and huge beers
for a very reasonable price :) so although I expected more of a capital of the region I do give Mainz a pass, but just barely :p

So now I'm just gonna chill some more at the fake beach with my huge beer and work up some appetite since I think I got too much groceries for dinner :P