test2: levi

Today was a very nice day ! :) After pakcing all my stuff I went to the trainstation to pick up Raghav Bhutda, since he really wanted to join me for day of cycling and I liked some company for a change :)

At around 10.30 or so we headed out in the direction of Worms (+/-60km) and we had a good time on the way there and Raghev really like the route along the Rhine too :)
we were not as fast as I would normally be, but thats all fine since I'm not really in a hurry anyway .

After cycling and chatting and some breaks for about 4 hours we finally reached the city of Worms where Raghav called it quits and was going to get the train back to his home town, so after saying goodbye and some last selfies I kept going since in the area of Worms there are no cheap campings unfortunatly.
But at least the weather turned from rainy to nice and sunny and pretty hot too so that also motivated to keep on going and stick to my original plan to go to a camping a little under Mannheim About another 45km along the Rhine.

Once I got close to the camping that I planned to go to it appeared that the ferry across the river was no longer working due to some construction and to detour via the nearest bridge added another 20km, shit !! and at that same time my GPS decided not to work anymore either, Dubbel shit !! so...... what the hell now......

Well it turned out to be a very easy solution, just ask someone where the nearest camping is ^^ and I was directed to one at about 5km from where I was and on my way there my GPS decided to start working again to :) once I arrived at the camping I met some other bikers I met along the route today which was pretty fun and got to talking to my camping neighbours
2 Dutchies that are also going to Italy over the Alps and thus I copied the route they plan to take over the Alps :) which I find was not very easy to figure out with google maps :P
So all in all it turnded out for the best that the stupid ferry didn't go :D

After a nice refreshing shower I checked to see what the total distance of today was and with all the wrong tuns and detours it was probably around 115km or so BOOYAH !! :P
Now just chilling and digesting dinner (peanut fried rice yumm^^) and some chocolate dessert and figure out where to go to tomorrow ^^

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