view on way to speyer1

Well .... apparently the 115km I did yesterday (29-01-2015) was too much after all, I only noticed how tired I was after I started riding my bike and got a big HELL NO not today from my legs :p So after some 20km in about 2hours I went to the nearest camping I could find set up camp and made some attempt at a nap ^^

After the power nap which made me feel MUCH better I went into the city Speyer to explore a little, hunt for some nice lunch a supermarket and a wifi connection so I can update my blog :)
The city center of Speyer I think is very nice, a relaxing quiet main street with several nice buildings nearby and here and there some nice and hidden fountains and lots and lots of icecream shops ^^
after riding around for about an hour I was ready for some lunch and before I knew I found myself a very tasty Durum and walked around and noticed the main street started to come alive.

To my great joy I found a very nice terrace with free wifi and enjoyed myself a nice large beer while updating my blog, but apparently I had to login to facebook and allow them some posting access so if you're getting spammed.... sorry :P
I will try to remove their "app" thing as soon as I can ^^

When my lovely beer and updating the blog was finished I got some groceries for a very simple dinner since I didn't fell like cooking at all so I just fried some eggs and ate them with some bread :)
Now back to chilling by my tent and plot the route across the Alps on google maps and my way to big europe roadmap :P