lunch with Flo and Fabian on way to ratstatt

Today was another great day :) after sleeping in a little I woke up with a lovely sun shining on my tent which made it quite warm so I quickly got out and joined Flo and Fabian (2 relaxed german guys I met yesterday evening) after we munched down on some breakfast the 3 of us headed out,
making it a very fun ride, it's good to have some company ^^

After some 50km along the Rhine, we had to split up unfortunatly since they wanted to get to Strasbourg that same day and I really wanted to find a bikeshop in Karlsruhe to upgrade Betsie (yeah I named my bike Betsie :p if you don't like it come with a better one otherwise too bad :p)
so after trying about 4 bikeshops I finally found the droids I was looking for, oh wait not droids but a bagage rack to put on the front to get some weight of my rear wheel and many worries of my head, the total investment was €50 including installing the rack (better let the pro's do it before I break something :P)

After that was all done I was thinking to try and catch up with Flo and Fabian but that would be another 3 to 4 hours by bike and it was already 5pm so unfortunatly that I would arrive very late which I didn't feel like, so I went to a camping just outside of Ratstatt (about 22 km under Karlsruhe) which was a bit of a challenge to get to
since there were some highways planned on the route there.... AGAIN, since to get to Karlsruhe I had to cross the Rhine and the only bridge nearby was one with a 3 lane highway which was pretty tense with all the honking cars racing by :p (yeah yeah I know iI'm not supposed to cycle here but I kinda have to :P)
but luckily I survived all the crazyness and am now chilling out by my tent again.

Tomorrow I'm making my way to Strasbourg (France) where I managed to find another warmshowers host for 2 nights :) I just hope it's not on a squatters camp this time :P