view from tentspot at rust

Pfoe what a day .... I all started with waking up from an unpleasant dream about a very annoying flat tire which gave a an unpleasant feeling.
It was also a bit troublesome to find the right route again but when I had finally found it there were lots of detours, luckily most through some
nice forest area so that was somewhaty ok at least ^^

Other than that the cycling all went fine, until........ about 25km before my planned destination (a nice camping by a lake) it appeared my rear tyre started to get a lot softer :O
Oh Oh ..... So first I tried to just pump it up and continue which luckily helped, but only temporarily. So after pumping it up three times and some 10km further I saw on my GPS there was another camping nearby in the little village called Rust so dubbel bummer because of the flat and no lake to cool of in with this heat (felt like it was close to 40°C) but I kinda had to go because I couldn't really keep going like that for another 15km......

When I arrived it appeared to be the camping of a theme park called Europa park and looked really fun although a little on the expensive side, it wasn't that bad at all ^^
After pitching my tent I checked my rear tyre but I couldn't find anything :s checked it again...... still nothing grrrrr but three times the charm and eventually found a dubbel puncture,
fixed it put the tyre back and pumped it up again and ........ ppppppsssssssssssssssssstttt........ SHIT another hole, again a dubble one.... So once again patched it put the tyre back and pumped it up again and DAMN IT to hell another freaking hole :S but a single one this time but again 3 times is the charm and couldn't find any punctures anymore.

After all that I heard to my great delight that there actually is a lake by this camping and thus I went over there as fast as I could and jumped in the nice and cool water ..... aaahhww soo nice :D after maybe an hour or two of chilling I went back to check on my bike and DAMN IT ALL TO HELL...... it was flat once again :( so I thought to hell with it and checked the internet for a bike repair shop nearby which was at about 30min distance (by bike) only they would close in about 40min, so once again as fast as I could I pumped up the tyre with my pump that wa starting to fall apart (piece of chineese crap) and hoped it would hold it until I made it to the bike shop.

After a killing 30 minutes I just made it in time and at first they wanted me to come back tomorrow, but that would mean I had to walk back for about 2 hours and again 2 hours to pick it up, but after explaining they luckily didn't mind fixing my bike right away I just had to wait about half an hour so I went to get some ice cream and after that a nice Doner since I was starting to get pretty hungry.
When I got back to pick up Betsy I turned out it was a freaking thorn that was still stuck in my outer tyre which I completely missed pffffffff.......... But all in all I'm just happy it's fixed and I now also have a good pump ^^ Also the very next flat tyre is gonna get a new outer tyre which is very hard to puncture because of a extra protection layer in it although that is gonna set me back about €40 per tyre ........

After all that I slowly made my way back to the camping and took a nice long shower even though there was quite a line forming because I really needed it ^^
Once done showering and washing my clothes I had a nice cold beer and watched people passing by since the theme park was closing and there was a pretty big stream of people rushing back to the camping.
When finished I went back and chill outside my tent since it was still so hot untill I got too tiredd and went to bed.