sunset at bamlach1

Today I had a pretty early start, unfortunately not only because I wanted to but the camping manager came to collect his money and I was kinda trying to get out before they would notice but they where there before I woke up so I had to pay anyway :p

When I packed up my stuff I went to the nearest supermarket to get some breakfast and lunch and slowly cruised on at a relaxed speed, untill it started to rain a bit, Unfortunately there were no place to take some shelter anywhere nearby so I took out the raincovers for my bags put on my poncho and kept going

After a couple of km of passing a cyclist and being passed by we started chatting and it appears she went to the same place I was going to so we stuck together which was nice to have some company again, since the weather cleared up again we went a bit further
than planned, but that's all fine since I would only have to do 22km to Basel the next day.
So after a total distance of about 80km we arrived at a camping with a pool (also a bit on the expensive side but jeeeej a pool ^^) so after pitching the tents and a nice beer that's where we went followed by a nice refreshig hot shower ^^

When getting back to the tents we made ourselves some dinner and decided to watch the sunset with some very nice local wine which was not bad at all ^^
after the sun had set we went back to our tents to chill out a bit and discovered a very starry night which was very beautiful and thus we started stargazing and admire the stars untill we fell asleep outside, I even saw a couple of shooting stars, Very cool :D