Today was a very nice relaxing day :) since I only had to ride about 22km to Basel and my couchsurfing host had to work untill 7pm I had all day to get there
So after starting up realy slow, first because it was getting a bit cold outside I went into my tent and sleep some more :P when I woke up at around 9 I slowly started packing
and looked for a nearby bikeshop to give Betsy's tyres an upgrade.

At 10.10 I left the camping and started cruising to that bike shop, along the way I took many breaks chilling out and having 3 breakfasts :P When arriving t the bike shop I explained what I was looking for but they said they didn't have anything like that..... but when one of the people working there wanted to show me directions to the next bike shop and saw my bike they told me to wait right there and came back with their very last package of Anti-platt, exactly what I was looking for and because the packaging was kinda falling apart I even got it at half price, so instead of €80 I now have puncture "proof" tyres for about €6 woohoooo :D

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So then I went to a nearby park to put in that Anit-platt layer into my tyres, only as stupid as I can be I was a bit to rough when putting back the outer tyre and ofcourse caused a leak :/ But I quickly fixed it and now have to very well protected tyres :D while I was working on Betsy some people came over for a little chat and see if I needed some help and even got some icecream :D so that was really awesome and welcome with the heat ^^

When I was done and had enough of chilling in that park I went on to Basel and cruise around town a little and found a nice place to chill out and read some in a park along the Rhine and right after I sat down I was welcomed with a very nice and familiar arome ^^ it appears weed is nowadays decriminalized in switzerland^^

When it was getting close to 7pm I decided to look for my hosts house and arrived just a little before she did, so that was nicely timed ^^ after some introductions and unpacking we went to the river to have a swim, which is really cool, since the current is very strong you have to go a bit upstream and then let the current take you along to the place to get out so that was very fun and the water was also very nice with a temperature of some 21°C After swimming we had a nice beer on the side of the river, got some food and went to an open air concert of about an hour wich was quite fun and when that was over she gave me a speedy tour of the town centre to show where I could go tomorrow, since she has to work again.

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