chillout view Basel

What a wonderful relaxed and lazy day, slept in very nicely took my sweet time waking up and started updating my blog, when that was done a little past midday I went into town.

The first stop was an art museum that had free entrance :) well...... whta can I say about it ......some of the paintings were pretty nice and interesting and it was also pretty cool to see some works of Pablo Picasso and Vincent van Gogh but other than that........ just really, what passes for art these days, I don't get it..... paintings that look as if they were made by a 3 year old and some installations to which I can only say...... WTF there were also some paintings I do "understand" and are just Highly stylized but I just didn't like that style, so all in all I would have to say it was nog my cup of tea :p After the museum I went to look at and inside of the cathedral of Basel which was nicely decorated and such..... but yeah it's still a church and thus also not really my cup of tea :p

So after all tha I kinda had it with looking at those kind of things and into the center and got myself some lunch which I ate while chilling in the sun by the river, also did some swimming, reading, drawing and just watch people go by, so a very nice afternoon :) Around 5 pm I went back to Anna's house (my couchsurfing host) to have some dinner together before we went swimming again which ofcourse was very nice again since it was still very hot :D After the swim there was again another open air concert and this time it were the Sonics performing
and again it was very nice and the music was pretty good too but unfortunatly it was over too fast, since apparently pretty much the whole of Basel goes to bed at 10pm :p So after the concert we walked around a bit and she wanted to show me the alternative area of the city where we found a group of people jamming
which sounded very good so we stayed there for a while enjoying the performance.