sun setting in murg

This morning I tried to have an early start, but failed at that since it got a little late last night ^^ so at around 9.30 or something I got up and started doing the dishes of last nights dinner until Anna also woke up and made us some delicious breakfast :)

But after that it was high time to get moving to try and arrive at my planned destination before the afternoon heat got too much, the forcast said it would be getting close to 40°C, but if you ask me it went past that, at least thats how it felt :P So after saying our goodbyes I hit the road to first get some breakfast from a german supermarket just across the border since I didn't have any Swiss franks left and it's also cheaper in Germany :P after getting some food I went back into Switzerland to cross the river because on that side there is an old Ruin Roman town which I wanted to have a look at. The Ruins were very cool to see altough I didn't stay there very since it was already getting pretty hot and I wanted to keep going ^^

Somewhere around 2pm I was only some 12km from the planned camping and decided to have a little break and jump in the river to cool down a bit and oooeewww that was soooooo nice :D I also asked someone that was sitting on their balcony if they could fill my waterbottle with some cold water since the water in there was hot enough to make some tea out of :/
she also told me that a little down the street there is a fountain with drinkable water at which I filler my other water bottles^^ althoug later on someone there told me it was not drinkable, if only they told me that before I drank some :/ oh well let's hope the second person was wrong and I don't get sick ^^ but I did get a bottle of nice and cold water from the second person so that was really appreciated ^^

After the cooldown break I kept on going to the camping I planned to go to, but when I arrived there it was just a crappy old farm pretty far from the river so I just kept on going to option B some 6 km further up river hoping that actually was a real camping, so just in case it wasn't I kept my eyes open to look for a nice place along the river to pitch my tent for the night, but luckily it was an actual camping and the manager was a very kind and funny dude.
So after pitching my tent and paying for the camping I went straight to the river for a swim and chill out :) I also tested my water filter with some Rhine water which hopefully it made drinkable...... we'll notice soon enough if it did :P

Other than that I mostly chilled out and did as little as possible until I got hungry and made myself some nice dinner with some music which was much appreciated by my camping neighbours that joined me at the table and had some good conversations with :) they also reccomended me some nice campings which I will most likely go to :)
After I was done with dinner they went back to their tent I went to do the dishes and when I looked up I saw that there was a lovely clear and starry sky above again so I went to a little docks on the river to lie down and enjoy the sweet view, which was incredibly nice :) I didn't see any shooting stars this time
but instead there was a nice light show of lightning going on in the distance in the direction which I came from and that made for a very cool contrast of clear sky full of stars and a lightning storm far away, I just hope it doesn't come my way as the forcast said.

Ow and I have to say there are slowly getting more hills on the route of which some are pretty steep, I hope it's good training for when I reach the Alps..... Fingers crossed :p