view on way to hohentengen4

Woke up today with a very lovely weather despite of the rainy forcast :D so at around 9am I got to hot in the tent and I got out of bed and my sauna tent :P

Since I was planning to do a short 40km today to one of the reccomended campings I took my sweet time with everything and eventually started cruising to my destination, although that didn't last very long beacause there were some pretty steep hills waiting for me :P but it was defintly worthe struggeling to get up there because the views also got very beautiful again :D

Once I got to the camping there was nobody at the reception to sign in and pay so I just looked for a place to pitch my tent and figured they'll probably come to me ^^ although I don't hae acces to the bathrooms now but oh wel there's a big river to bathe in ^^ So after setting up camp I jumped into the river again and dried up in the sun to go and get some groceries for tonights dinner and tomorrow since many shops are closed here on sundays, especially in the villages and small towns. And after all that back to chilling, swimming etc. ^^ until I get hungry and gonna start cooking with bottle of wine ^^

Ow and so far I have not gotten sick :D so I guess the fountain water was drinkable after all and my filter does a good job getting all the nasties out :D