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Wednesday 12-08-2015 Bregenz - Bludenz

Today is exactly 4 weeks ago that I started my journey and also my very first day in the Alps, What a treat !! with such beautiful sceneries :D

I woke up this morning very nicely in my hosts hammock, but unfortunatly he had already left for work so I couldn't really say goodbye so instead I left him a note, I hope he found it ^^
After checking my mail for the address of my current host in Bludenz I saw I had a mail from an unfamiliar sender and curious as I can be I didn't put it in my spam box right away but had a look at it instead.....
It was the guy who found my lonely planet guide book by his tent ^^ and he was very happy to have it and very grateful too, very cool, so I got a new fb friend too :P

Around 10 pm I decided it was a nice time to get going for Bludenz which turned out to be surprisingly flat except for some short but quite steep parts, but all in all it went very well and did not have to get off and walk at all :D
and after I finally got over the first big climb I was welcomed by some marvelous sights, really........ just WOOOWW !!!!! after the next corner it was even nicer than the previous and once again I was mostly looking all around me ^^
except when going down with a speed over 55km/h ofcourse, that did really need my full attention :p

Once I arrived at my hosts house it appeared that they weren't at home, but luckily their son was and gave me a short tour and quickly went back to doing his own thing, so I took a nice shower, did some laundry and chilled out in the sun untill my stomach started growling :p
so I went to the supermarket to score some food ^^ and when I came back both my hosts had arrived as well and so I introduced myself and had a little chat. Apparently they just came back from spending the night in a cave up in the mountains and had many photos to show and that was very cool to see :D

Now I'm back to chilling en if I understood correctly there will be a nice bbq later on so that gonna be great, I can use a good meal :) for the rest of the day my plan is to just take it easy and rest up as much as possible because the next part to Landeck will have a climb up to 2000m spread out over 40km
so it's a good thing I have all day tomorrow to do as much relaxing as I can ^^

The bbq was very tasty, but unfortunatly they were speaking almost only german since they had some friends over, they did try and speak some English from time to time and me some German but that did not work out very well, but no matter I had a great meal with some beers and my phone at hand so I didn't really get bored at all^^
After the bbq I quickly started to do the dishes since they didn't let me help with setting the table and such and I really wanted to do at least something in return for their hospitality. After that it was already getting nice and dark outside with a clear sky again and so I went out to watch the stars again since I heard there would be a meteor shower :D
Although I did see about 12 or so shooting stars I was a tiny bit dissapointed since I expected there to be many many more since it's called a meteor SHOWER...... more like a meteor drip :P but still very cool to see and I now have some wishes to make :p

Fridays route + the first big climb  :|

tomorrows route and climb

Thursday 13-08-2015 Bludenz

My oh my, I woke up so nice and rested this morning, no sun to sweat me out of my tent, no early birds making to much noice waking everybody up and a nice and soft matress ^^
and since I had a whole day to fillI took it nice and easy again while getting ready for the day with a very nice breakfast and an even nicer view to look at :D

Around midday I thought it was about time to go and do something  so I went into town and walked around a bit, which is much smaller than I thought it was, but there was a streetfood festival going on which had some nice bands playing so that was pretty cool ^^
although I didn't buy any of the streetfood since it was too pricey for my taste and I still wanted to look for some bags for the rear of my bike to spread the weight a bit better and an adapter to put my bottleholder on my frame again, since the last one died on me
and other than that I want to spend as little as possible for a while except for the necessary things ^^ The bags and the adapter set me back another €45 and I still got the cheapest bags I could find there, from basil which is a pretty ok brand, my other bags are from the same brand and they are holding out ok :)
and all the other bags started around €60 for a single instead of a dubble bag.

When I got what I needed I went back to put it all on farfegnugel but unfortunatly the adpater was a no go :( it was just too big and there is simply not that much space left to put it, but I was still able to return it without any problems ^^ but the bags are just fine and that makes me very glad since now my front bags are, as far as I can tell,
the same weight now and that helps a lot whith steering ^^ for the rest of the day I plan to do as little as possible in as much time as possible since tomorrow is gonna be quite the climb...... from 590m up to around 2000m :| but the view alone should be worth it..... I hope, if not.... going downhill will be :p