Friday 14-05-2015 Bludenz - Landeck

Oh my Fucking hell, what a fucking day today was, Soooooo freaking hard climbing that freaking mountain ufffff, but at the same time it was also the most fucking awesome day of cycling so far ^^

But I'm getting ahead of myself.....let's start at the beginning where I woke up very excited, checked some messages, enjoyed a nice breakfast with a view again, packed my stuff and said my goodbyes to my host and at 10.30 am left for Landeck which started very easily and flat with a little steep climbe here and there, easy peasy I thought, gonna be an easy day if it stays like this....... until at 1pm I arrived at the actual mountain which started pretty steep right away, but with farfegügel it was quite managable, after every 6 or so climbing turns I had a break, which quickly turned into every 4 turns........ every 2 turns.... every turn..... and fuck it I'll just walk the steep parts :P but man oh man such sights up there :D but I still had ways to go... I was only about 3/4 of the way up when my energy/willpower started to abbandon me, but I had to go on.... turning back was not an option ^^

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So with lots and lots of struggeling and lots of amazed faces and many encouraging gestures of passers by I FINALLY made it to the freaking top :D or so I thought ...... apparently I still had some 2km of climbing ahead of me which REALLY sapped my strenght and even got passed by a freaking bus :/ if only I knew you could take those sooner :S AAAAAHHHH!!!!!!

So with my bike in hand I kept going uphill for the last couple km and at the flat parts did some cycling but there weren't many of those up there :x But and don't ask how....... I FUCKING MADE IT !!!!!! around 15.15pm freaking 2hours and 15 minutes of climbing and was totally exhausted but I did do it all on my own strength which was a very good feeling and the views were also very nice and so happy that I was finally done climbing :D There were also some hotels up there st which I did consider staying for the night but to hell with that I wanted to get to Landeck and that was pretty much only downhill so why not.... :)

AAAAAAHHHHH YEAAHH !!!!! It was Soooooo FUCKING AWESOME to rush down mountain with 66+km/h and such wonderfull view straight ahead !!! and got such an enormous adrenaline rush from it, so my energy level was up to 130% LOVE IT !!!!!! and withing about 20 minutes I covered about 25km, sweet !! :Dand since it was downhill almost all the way to Landeck (some 50km) I arrived there in no time at all, from the top of the mountain pass at 15.15 to the camping at 16.30pm, so I did some 50km in about 1hour 15 minutes hahahah so that was really awesome and lot's of people on the way gusturing something like good job and respect for making it over the pass, really really great :D I really have no words for what I am feeling right now, but what comes closed would be euphoric, but still doesn't cut it though :P

climbing up view3

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Once I got to the camping the first thing I did was not setting up camp for a change but instead I just dropped on the floor to rest, since the adrenaline was working off and I was very much echausted again, when I rested a bit and was able to move again I slowly and painfully started to set up camp and chat with the camping neighbours that told me tomorrow (saturday) is a holiday and everything will be closed so I had to do groceries for the next 2 days since sundays everything is also closed :/ so that's what I did after pitching my tent and when I got back got to chatting with another neighbour, that was so amazed by my trip that day he insisted I joined them for a pasta dinner ^^ so that was really cool
and even got a beer from the first neighbours I talked to :D I feel like I'm being spoiled ^^ the rest of the day I plan to do as little as possible except a good shower eat a lot and look what I'll do tomorrow.... either stay in Landeck for a rest day or a short 30km to the next camping and mayb go into town for some wifi.

And then it started to rain again .... :/ but I had taken some improvised precautions and used my poncho as an extra raincover for my tent and bike and even managed to hang my just "cleaned" clothes under there so they could dry a bit better than inside the tent and man oh man what a hard rainshower it was.... but the the poncho really helped so I was safely and dry chillinh in my tent fixing the backpocket of a shorts of mine which was long over due (since 2011 actually) :P

Saturday 15-05-2015 Landeck

REST DAY !!!! yeah so today I'm not going anywhere too tired to really do anything but chill out ^^ so that's exactly what I'm doing and luckily the neighbours are also still there so at least I have some company
for today there will not be much to blog about since I'm really doing my best to do as little as possible, I might go and find the wifi spot in town to post yesterdays and this post and the photo's but that'll be pretty much it :P
so I hope you enjoy reading about yesterdays struggles and excitements and enjoy the wonderful sights which you all missed out on hahaha :P

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