viva italia selfie

Viva Italia !! I made it over the Reschen pass and into italy woohooooo :D

Luckily todays climb wasn't nearly as hard as the previous one, the slopes weren't as steep at all and neither was the height to climb (uo to 1400m, starting from some 750m or so) So I bought so many high energy(sugar) food for nothing :P althoug it will get eaten no question about that :P
Within an hour or less I already made it to the top only this time there wasn't such a wonderful view unfotunatly and going down was also a very short bit since I still had to cover some distance into Italy before the roads actually went down...... but as soon as it did it was most definatly very awesome again.

It was quite a different downhill from last time since today it wasn't as steep nor a straight road, instead there were some short steep parts and lots and lots of turns of which some were pretty sharp ..... one I actually almost took to wide and came close to kissing with a stone wall and leaving my teeth in it :P but luckily I was just in time to correct and it ended all very well (for me, mayb the wall really needed a kiss.... :p)
Once I finally got to a lower altitude I felt my ears popping again (same with the first mountain pass btw) and I was welcomed by a very nice warm wind which was very welcome after being quite cold in Austria, but unfortunatly the rain did follow me into Italy.

After a nice lunch I kept going along the biking route which took me through many lovely little villages and lots and lots of orchards which was very nice to see and after a total distance of some 85km I finally arrived at the camping for today, but I didn't know it was a very expensive one again (€22.60) tog maar zsm een data sim aanschaffen zodat ik het van te voren kan check wat de prijzen zijn...... maar gelukkig heb ik op z'n minst een uurtje gratis wifi (wat gul.... :/) en kan gebruik maken van veel te luxe douches voor n camping :P
so I guess I should start looking for people to host me more often again now since I left the host desert of Austria behind me :)

When I was done setting up camp I went into town to get something (cheap) for dinner and look for a data sim but the sim was nowhere to be found ....grrrrr  but at least I found a free wifi spot :) So checjed my mail and....... woohooooo I got a host for when I get to Trento fo a couple of days :D I also sent a lot of request for couchsurfin in Merano tomorrow but since it's such a short time in advance I think it's doubtful I'll be accepted but ...finger crossed ^^
At the moment I'm once again taking shelter from the rain in my tent but I think I'll move into the luxury showerbuilding and do some blogging^^ (in case you're wondering why the hell by the showers..... well because there are power plugs and can use all the electricity I wan't without having to pay for it ^^)