morning view at Laces

Tuesday 18-08-2015 Laces - Laives

Aaaahhww what a lovely morning, the sun was shining again and was greeted by a wonderful view and took my sweet time getting ready to get going.
Since the plan is to go to Merano and stay somewhere in that area which is only about 30km from here so no hurry at all ^^ and thus I made myself some nice green tea which I enjoyed with some fruits, chocolate, bob marley music and a lovely sunny view and all that in the early morning :P

When everything was finally dry after the last couple of rainy days I started packing my things and aroud an hour or 10am started cruising into the direction of Merano where I arrived somewhere around noon and immediatly went looking for a Data sim for which I was sent to some kind of shabby lttle internet store with a pretty unfriendly and unhelpful guy was working
even though I tried my best to make clear what I was looking for in Italian all I got in return were sone naggy sounding words which (I think it's better) I didn't understand but going by his tone it wasn't friendly at all......

So instead I went to a tourist info point and asked them where I could best get an Sim card and they told me to go to a shopping mall in a neighbouring town some 5km away where luckily they were helpful and willing to listen to my very lacking Italian/german :p So I finally have internet on my phone again jeeeeejjj cost me €25 for 3 GB which is not bad at all, so I immediatly checked my mail to see if any couchsurfer or warmshowers hosts had accepted my request
but unfortunatly no luck for the area of Merano so I started to look for campings in the area, but the cheapest I could find (€15 per night) was about 40km further so I just went there since I still had plenty of time to kill ^^ and luckily it was worth the extra km since they had a very nice pool and wifi, so that's where I'm chilling out right now so that's it for this post...... I'm going swimming ^^


Wednesday 19-08-2015 Laives - Trento

The day started nice and sunny again, but after a rainy evening I needed to let my stuff dry up again and thus I took my sweet time again and since my host wouldn't be home until 6pm I once again had plenty of time to kill :)
So when everything dried up and packed I got me some breakfast and lunch from the nearest supermarket and some extra lunch from the many apple orchards along the way, yummmmm ^^

Todays ride was a bit on the boring side to be honest, mostly just one straight road and an annoying headwind and some dark clouds above me ...... at least the mountains are still a very nice sight though ^^
Luckily the dark clouds only had a little light shower to throw at me so that was not bad at all and dried up again very quickly, But what was quite annoying was that to go to Trento the bike bath went from one side of the valley all the way to the other side (several times, which amounts to at least 15km) to mayb only get 5km closer to the city..... I guess they didn't have a very smart bikepath planner or something.....

Anyway when I finally arrived I was still a bit early so I went to a park nearby to chillout and eat the rest of the food I still had from the supermarket and soon enough I could go to my host for the next couple of days :) Which is a very cool and relaxed guy from the US doing his studies here. After some chatting it turned out that he also makes his own mead (an alcoholic drink made from honey) which I was very interested in trying and was actually pretty nice ^^
So after I made us some dinner we just chilled out and had some mead and was lots of fun  talking about lots and lots of things, so all in all it turned out to be a nice day/evening after all :D

ow and btw I've found a helpX host where I'm going to volunteer for a week or so by lake Garda :D which I'm very much looking forward to :)