view of trento1

Thursday 20-08-2015 Trento

Ow how nice.... nothing to do today^^ Finally a nice break from cycling and letting my legs have a well needed rest.
Woke up at around 9 or something but I just stayed in bed to around noon chilling and surfing the web, very relaxing :) untill my stomach started growling and I  dragged myself to the closest supermarket to get some food and woooww my legs felt real heavy so it's a good thing I have a couple of rest days :)

After breakfast I went back to chilling. surfing and doing as little as possible until I felt like doing something, so at around 3 pm I went into town and explored a little bit with my rubber legs :P. The center of the town is pretty nice with lots of old buildings, squares and fountains, but I also have the feeling you shouldn't walk into a wrong alley at night......
After a bit of walking and coming across may expensive Ice shops (€1.50 per scoop or more) I found a relativly cheap one (only €2 for 3 scoops) which was located just outside of the main streets and so I got myself a delicious Gelato, yummmmm :) and went to a park nearby to relax in the sun for a bit, but I dind't really feel comfortable there..... seemed like there were quite a few "shady" looking people, but that could just be me even so... I decided to find another place to chill since I felt like people were staring at me or something.... quite unconfortable.

Didn't take me long to find another park where I sat down and did some reading, untill some guys started talking to me which ofcourse I didn't understand one bit :P When they started talking english it turned out they wanted to sell me some hash hahahaha actually the second time today.... starting to wonder if I have something written on my head :P
Anyway after reading some chapters I had enough and went back to Roberts (my host) house since he was about to get out of work and I had the keys, so once again chilling out untill Robert arrived and then went to an all you can eat pizza place and wow I haven't been that full in a while, felt like I was gonna explode and didn't even have room for desert :p
The rest of the evening we just chilled out and watched a movie which was also pretty nice ^^

Friday 21-08-2015

Uffff such a hard day....... did even less than yesterday ....very relaxing, did practically noting at all just chilled around the appartement did some yoga and meditating and watched some video's catching up with some shows I've missed ^^ I did go out but just to get some lunch and after munching that down I had myself a nice little nap till Robert came back and had some dinner.

Saturday 22-08-2015

And again..... another chillout day, but after doing pretty much nothing yesterday and since it was very nice weather I went outside and explored a bit more, but first I wanted one of those delicious Ice creams again ^^ After getting one I went up some big hill where there's another park with a cool monument and it wa very very quiet there which was also nice so I chilled out there for a while enjoying the hot sun and the nice views over Trento
After a little while the clouds came in blocking the sun so I went back into town and got some groceries for lunch and dinner and went back to the appartement to make some lunch and go back to chilling out ^^ Finally watched Avengers2 (really cool) and after that some other video's untill I fell asleep.
So once again pretty much another day of doing nothing which I really needed ^^ and tomorrow I'll be back on my bike and make my may to a helpX host by Lake Garda.