view on way to lake garda1

It's nice being on the road again and the rest days in Trento really helped although here and there I still have some sore muscles but that'll be fine with some rest and yoga stretches ^^

The route was very nice again and so I really enjoyed all the wonderfull views again there were some small annoyances like some fences in the middle of the bike paths to make sure cyclist slow down or something but places at vey irritating places, so instead I decided to go over the regular road :P the weather was also pretty nice, cloudy but dry and so it wasn't very hot either and kept the sweating to a minimal ^^ so I could cruise along nicely and finally leave the Alps, although that did gie me some mixed feelings...... no more beautiful mountain views :( but also no more mountain passes to climb :D

Anyway when I finally got to Garda lake it seemed it was pretty much overrun by tourist..... was actaullt pretty weird seing such a big crown in one place again and find my way through it with my bike..... but I did and saw a lot of weird/amazed faces looking at me and my fully loaded bike which ofcourse I returned with a smile but that didn't do anything seems like the faces were locked in position :P
Luckily the house of my hosts is in a village outside the crazy busy towns so that's pretty chill but more importantly my hosts themselves are also very nice and hospitable and really did their best to make me feel comfortable which didn't need much effort ^^ and since it was getting a little late started with dinner pretty quickly which was pretty nice (a homemade soup) after dinner we chatted a little untill they went to bed pretty early and since there wasn't much to do I cleaned the dishes and went to bed and chill out a little before going to sleep too