Monday 24-08-2015 Lage Garda

Well .... it was a pretty relaxed day today, we went to a local market in the morning, but first we took a little detour so Alisa (HelpX host) could show me some nice places in the area which was quite interesting ^^

The market itself was also pretty nice with lots of cool things, but I managed to keep my wallet closed since I really didn't need any of it and most definatly can do without the added weight, no matter how small/light it is :P The market was very crowded an I heard a lot of Dutch nagging going around which was pretty funny. After having bought some vegetables voor lunch/dinner we quickly got out of there since the crowd was getting a bit to much for little Petra and besides that it was slowly becomming lunchtime.

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After a fishy lunch (yes I also had some fish although not a whole lot)  I went out for a walk to one of the villages nearby untill it started to rain, I went into a supermarket for some shelter and some snacks ^^ but unfortunatly it was still raining when I got out so I had to wait it out at the supermarket where a German traveler was doing the same and started talking to me about pretty much every subject you can think of but the crazy part was I actually understood most of what he was saying :p

After some time chatting it seemed the rain was close to being done, so I went walking again, but unfortunatly it started raining a lot harder pretty quickly again luckily by this time I was close to a burger place so I treated myself to a nice big cheeseburger while taking shelter from the rain ^^

After the burger the rain finally stopped and since it started to become dinner time I made my way back to Alisa and Doriano's house and chilled out with them a bit. They gave me some good tips for things to see and do around here :) For the rest it was a nice quiet evening with some chatting and relaxing and after they went to bed some websurfing ^^


Tuesday 25-08-2015

Another relaxed day, after waking up and having a shower I went upstairs and joined the living where there was a very nice breakfast waiting for me :) After breakfast I helped with some chores around the house such as: washing the dishes, hanging some clothes to dry and some groceries for lunch which I would make (a pie made of potatoes, peas, bacon and other deliciousness) which turned out to be a big succes since everybody liked it and wanted more, unfortunately it was already finished :P so I guess I'll have to give them the recipe ^^

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After lunch I had the rest of the day to myself and went to Peschiera del Garda some 5km away. On the way there I saw some street vendors which turned out to be there illegally since when a cop car showed up they scattered in all directions, very funny to see :) Anyway when I finally arrived in the village I had to find some postcards and a nice place to write and of course hunt for a mailbox to post them ^^ Which crazy enough wasn't all that easy.... apparently there aren't that many mailboxes around, but I found one eventually :)

After posting the cards I explored the town for a bit, which had a very nice atmosphere/vibe. It is a pretty small town so I saw all of it pretty quick, after getting a nice smoothie I had enough of the busy but pretty little town and went looking for a nice "clean" place to relax and swim a little, since on many places along the coastline it was kinda smelly :/

It took me a while but I managed to find a nice relaxed and fairly clean place without any nasty smells, although the thick layer of mud in the shallow water felt really nasty on my feet :P, anyway, the water was nice and warm so that made up for the mud :P

Shortly after a stunning sunset my stomach started growling, so I went back to my hosts house who had just started with dinner (Good timing :P). The rest of the evening we chatted and relaxed some more untill they went to bed early leaving me for some warmshowers host searching ^^

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sunset hidden place1

Wednesday 26-08-2015

Having a delicious breakfast upstairs in the living room it was time to help with some chores, hanging up some laundry, moving some boxes, making homemade laundry softener and lunch ( a kind of lasagna but made with eggplants, cheese, mozzarella pesto and some other stuff^^) very tasty ^^

When lunch was finished and cleaned up, the rest of the day was my own again, this time I walked to Sirmione since I was told there was a beautiful and hidden bathplace, which even made it into "The Guardian", so definately a must see !!!

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After a 1.5 hour walk of which the last bit was extremly crowded with tourists (which was not enjoyable at all) I quickly made my way through since I wanted to chill out in the sun.I finally made it to the "hidden" bathplace, but clearly it wasn't so hidden anymore, unfortunately it was pretty crowded which was quite dissapointing.......... oh well, it is what it is and first things first: finding a nice spot to go for a swim but getting to the water was a bit challenging due to the rocks being very slippery, the water was wonderful and warm, really enjoyable so all in all it was still pretty nice to chill. Especially with temperaturs of some 33ºC, not bad at all^^

Aroud 6pm I had enough of layig around and went for a walk along the rocky coast, untill I found a beautiful spot, nice and quiet, perfect for enjoying another wonderful sunset and some meditating/yoga while the sun was getting lower and lower.

Having enjoyed such a nice sunset in such a surrounding it was tim I found myself a nice and affordable place for pizza and a cold beer. It took me longer than expected, since I was coming from a very touristic area and most restaurants were pretty pricy. Eventually I did succeed though, but at first it was a little bit weird to sit in a restaurant by myself, although when I looked around the restaurant, over half the people there were glued to the smartphones, which to me looks wierder than eating out alone ^^ Anyway the pizza and beer were delicious and a good finish of the day.

Thursday 27-08-2015

Well, you can probably guess...... another relaxing day :D  After breakfast I helped out some more, washing dishes, making lunch, and packing some boxes and before I knew it I was chilling out by the lake again ^^ this time I didn't go to any "hidden" bathplaces but stayed somewhere close today which saved me a lot of walking and time, since I started a bit late.

That's generally pretty much the entire schedule for the day. In the evening Alisa and Doriano wanted to play a card game and after explainging it 3 times, I still had no clue, but gave it a try anyway. It was a lot of fun although beginners luck kinda failed me and cheating wasn't much of an option either so I got my butt kicked :P

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