helpx family lake garda doriano alisa and baby petra

Friday 28-08-2015 Lake garda – Vicenza

Had a bit more of an early start again today since I’m heading out again and I don’t want to arrive to late, but first a nice breakfast and some chatting with Alisa ^^ After that it was high time to pack my stuff and say goodbye to Alisa, Doriano and little Petra and they even gave my some very nice tea for energy and a nice little (fridge)magnet :) and apparently some decoration for farfegnugel…. A bright yellow ribbon with some thank you text for helping out, very nice :)

It was very nice being back on the road again even though it was reaching up to 38ºC in the afternoon, good thing I brought a lot of water with me, although that quickly warmed up enough to make a tea with :P

After a fairly fast 30km I had a nice break in Verona which is a very beautiful city from what I could see in the short time that I was there, had myself a nice lunch that I got at the supermarket and an even nicer gelato, after the lunch I cycled around the town for a bit but not for too long since I still had to go some 50 to 60 km and it was getting warmer and warmer……

The route of today was actually really quite boring since it was all on a straight and busy autoway (don’t worry not a highway) and so there wasn’t much sceneries to look at either which was too bad really, also the heat didn’t make it any better either, so I’m glad I got some extra cold water in Verone ^^

After finally arriving in Vicenza (right on time because I was really done with cycling through the heat and only having warm water to drink) I was nicely welcomed by my host Tobia and quickly went to the bathroom to have a nice refreshing shower and cool down after which I had a nice chat with Tobia, but soon enough we had to go since Tobia needed to go to work but still had just enough time to quickly show me around town by bike and have an apperitivo (spritz) and it turned out that due to some circumstances he could start a bit later and so we went to have some dinner back at the house where Tobia made a nice pasta, very yummie :) but after that had to go to work after all.

So now I’m just chilling out in an big empty house, but since it is very hot I think I’ll go out and wonder about through the city and mayb go back to the bar where we had the apperitivo since I was told there would be a nice party there :) just hope I can find it again :P

Well…. It took me a while and several circles around the town, but I did finally find it, but unfortunately I didn’t really enjoy being there by myself all that much, the music was really nice but nobody at all was dancing but just talking instead I couldn’t really get lost in the crowd and still have plenty of fun so after a beer I had enough of it and went back to the house, although once again I would first have to find it which was a bit of a challenge :P but luckily I had my phone with GPS on it with me :) and after a couple wrong turns I finally got there and enjoyed myself a nice cold beer I got that afternoon :)

river view in vicenza

Saturday 29-08-2015 Vicenza

Hmmmmm slept in nice and late again :) which apparently I really needed since it was pretty difficult to fall asleep with the heat and besides that I was also being terrorized by a freaking mosquito……… (really hHate those useless bastards !!!!)

Anyway…Tobia and his Girlfriend and kids were already up so I joined them for some breakfast while looking for some routes that do not go over boring autoways (they were very busy themselves, so had to do something…..) and eventually got some good tips from Tobia on which kind of roads to take, very chill :)

Soon enough I had the whole house to myself again since they all had to leave for work or other stuff and since there was a very good wifi connection I finally was able to get myself a good and working office again :) (jeeeej now I can use spell check again :P) and also did some other stuff on my pc that were on my to do list for too long :P until I got tired of it and went outside where it was very warm again and apparently also very deserted, almost like a Sunday…… almost all shops closed and pretty much nobody outside except the occasional person here or there and those were mostly tourists too…… mayb everybody escaped the city to go to a beach/lake or something…….

Anyway I have to say Vicenza is a really beautiful city with lots of old and nice looking buildings but also lots of old shaggy buildings but those gave the town all the more character I think, it’s also a lot like a maze with many little streets which is also very nice but make it very easy to get lost, something I did regularly :P but luckily it’s not a very big town and I found my way quickly enough :)

After a bit of wandering around town I was getting a bit hungry and was really feeling like having a nice kebab for which I had to look around quite a bit but those that persist, succeed :) end really enjoyed it in a nice park by a little streaming river which is really calming (the sound of rushing water)

After chilling some in the park I went to get some groceries since probably everything is closed on Sundays and since the supermarket is very close to Tobai’s house I went back there to put it all away an think of where the recommended Gelateria was again…….but apparently I fell asleep (seems I was more exhausted than I thought) and woke up again around dinner time so I started making some nice Rice dinner for myself since I still had the house to myself and watched some episodes of a series, but after dinner I was really wanting a good gelato and went to search for the best Gelateria in town which luckily I found fairly quickly, I guess getting lots a couple of times was good for something after all ^^

Sunday 30-08-2015 Vicenza

Had a very nice and relaxing day and since I was still very tired I didn’t really do anything except for relaxing chilling and resting ^^ I did skype with the home front for a bit which was really fun and nice to hear some familiar voices again :)

Although I was planning to go to a local (kind of) art exhibition I was just too tired and even after a nap I really didn’t feel like cycling 15km in 40ºC heat so I just kept doing what I was already doing, chilling relaxing, resting and watching some video’s ^^