castle on way to mestre

Monday 31-08-2015 Vicenza – Mestre

It was again a very nice ride today and since I started a bit early again I was in no hurry at all and at a nice speed cruised my way to Mestre where I wasn’t expected until 5pm or so anyway :)

The route itself was also much nicer again since I hardly had to go over or near any autoways but mostly over nice and quiet cyclepaths which was really nice after the boring route to Vincenza, but unfortunately there weren’t that many interesting view to enjoy and so I didn’t really take a lot of photos ( I hope you can forgive me :P) the weather was also much nice for cycling and although it was still pretty hot at least there was a nice breeze to keep me just cool enough ^^ and it was also very nice again that the whole route was on a flat area, so no climbing at all today which was also quite nice again for a change :)

After I arrived in Mestre, which is about 12km away from the heart of Venice I had a bit of a hard time finding the house of my host, but with some whatsapp messages that problem was quickly overcome and he picked me up at the end of the street, so I wasn’t that far off after all :)

After a refreshing shower I got a lovely dinner and afterwards went to the center with host Andrea to get a couple of beers and have some chats which was really fun, so all in all it was again a very good day :D

view in venice7

Tuesday 01-09-2015 Venice

Another great day today had a nice and easy start with a tasty breakfast and took the bus to Venice with Andrea pretty early where we arrived within 10minutes. Luckily Andrea is fairly familiar with Venice because I would be lost in no time at all with the many small streets and alleyways :p

Anyway I have to say it although many of you may already know…….. what a beautiful town Venice is, it’s pretty small so everything is within walking distance which is very nice and that’s exactly what we did all day, walk around Venice and see the nice sights to be seen. I also have to say instead of a town it’s actually more of a big shopping mall :P since every street is packed with high end stores, street stall and street merchants and it seems they all want to sell you selfie sticks :p which kinda drove me crazy….. selfie sticks everywhere …. Although I have to admit I was thinking of getting one myself, but it will probably break while being on the road so I thought it would be better to not spend the money and maybe save it to buy a action camera (like a go pro) which I can attach to my steering bar, but so far only thinking about it+ I would have to find a relatively cheap one :P

But all in all not counting the huge crowd and amount of selfie sticks it really is a very beautiful town and also very expensive, me and Andrea found a café where a cup of coffee is freaking €12 and the was one of their cheaper ones really crazy, but I guess some people just have too much money since it was pretty much all filled up.

After some hours of walking around we chilled out a bit at piazza san marco (a famous square) and enjoyed watching people go by, it really is a little like a zoo :P and especially with the comments we added, it was a little like watching a documentary :P But when we had enough of that we went back to Andrea’s house where we chilled some more and I posted some blogs, however his grandma was sitting there too all by herself which looked a little sad so I decided to show her some of my travel photos and with my best bad Italian and google translate tell her a little about my trip which I think she really enjoyed :)

After a little while Andrea’s mom and her boyfriend arrived and it was time for a nice dinner which was really fun since they had many questions about my trip however they didn’t speak much English so with lots of gesturing and some translating from Andrea we pretty much understood what was being said so that was really funny. The food was also delicious although I had no idea what it was but all in all it was a very nice day and really enjoyed the dinner time and in a little bit me and Andrea are going to a cool place (so I’ve been told) to have some beers although I don’t want to make it very late since tomorrow I’m heading off again.

Hmmmm ok so it did turn out to be a bit later than planned :p We met a friend of Andrea and had a lot of fun and a bit later 2 more friends joined us and found it very interesting that I’m from NL and had many many questions for me, mostly about the coffeeshops though but I was happy to answer what I could since it’s always a topic for discussions, but after a while it was getting a bit quiet me and Andrea decided to go.

looking for the little man in the camera

Wednesday 02-09-2015 Mestre – Este

Woke up a bit later than intended, but to be honest after last night that was to be expected :P after a nice shower and breakfast I quickly went to a nearby supermarket to get some food for the trip and also got me some mosquito repellent since at the moment you can make one of those connect the dots drawings on my legs with the mosquito bites ….. :/

After that I packed my stuff loaded up farfegnügel and said my goodbyes to Andrea, his grandma and the cats and apparently turned on the wrong GPS app :p so the first couple of km were again along a busy autoway which was pretty boring, but funny enough I did come across a corner where some very scarcely dressed girls were hanging around , probably looking for some work or something :p (btw NO I didn't take an photos or anything :P).

When my GPS was sending me to another highway again, I turned it off and switched to another Navigation app which sent me along a much nicer route along quite roads and even bike paths although mostly deserted it was much nicer than those annoying auto- and highways ^^

During today’s ride I was thinking a lot of either going to a camping for which I needed to make quite a detour or keep going more into the direction I needed to go but where there are hardly and camping sites and thus go wild camping which does sounds pretty cool, but I thought it would be smartest to take the detour and see if I felt like going further after reaching the camping while looking for suitable places to wild camp all along the way, of which I actually found quite a bit :) but it was still way to early and not nearly far enough of my starting place.

When I finally arrived at the camping I was actually pretty tired and out of water and it appeared that they also had a pool so the choice was already made ;) and soon enough I was chilling by the pool where I met a nice English couple that invited me to join them at dinner which I’m sure will be very fun :)