view on way to bologna

Pfooeee what a long day it was today, cycled over 120km and thus broke another personal record ^^ although my GPS calculated the route to be 116km there were many road on which construction was going on somewhere half way along the road without any clear signs on the beginning of the road that it’s a dead end :/ so several times I had to go back a couple km and take a several km detour which all added to the total distance which I think maybe somewhere close to 130km.

Luckily though the entire route was nice and flat and the weather was very good too a but cloudy which made it much more manageable and a lot less sweaty :p the route was quite diverse, from some busy autoways to deserted little gravel paths and through many little villages and farmlands, I even followed the Eurovelo 8 route for a little bit :)

I also decided to buy the full version of the better navigation app since it’s much more suited for finding nice routes for cycling and only take me along an autoway if there is no other or better option instead of taking me over autoways by default.

When finally arriving at the house of host Babak (in Bologna) I had to wait a couple minutes since he was not yet home but only took about 5 minutes :) He is a really nice and hospital guy from Iran that is finishing up his thesis to get his masters in telecommunication.

After a nice and refreshing shower we made ourselves some hamburgers and had a lot of nice conversations about many topics which was very fun and also showed each other some travel photos, me of my trip and him of his trip to Iceland not too long ago which looked really cool but also really cold :P after a while I got really tired and after trying to fight it for a bit thought it be better to go to bed.