My first day in Bologna was pretty relaxing but I was still pretty tired from the long ride the day before so to be honest I couldn’t really appreciate the city very much, all the graffiti made it look like a bad neighborhood or something but all in all the buildings still are very nice, most of them have a kind of walkway with a ceiling overhead so that when it rains you don’t get wet and it gives a nice atmosphere to the city center too but like I said since I was still pretty tired and a little cranky I couldn’t really appreciate it and mostly just chilled out posted some blogs and wait until Host Babak would get home since we would have some beers and he would show me around a bit better.

All in all it was a lot of fun in the center with Babak he showed me the “7 secrets” of Bologna which was pretty cool and after that we had some beers and pizza dinner at one of the many piazzas filled with students drinking and having fun as we did too.

But then something very shitty happened…….. when we decided we had enough beers and wanted to pick up my bike to go back to his house, when we finally got to the place I locked my bike (to a bike rack even) it was gone without a trace the fuckers even took the lock with them :/ so after blowing of some steam against the bike rack and some walls we quickly went to the police station to report the theft and I also called the emergency number of my insurance which made a file for it but I still had to call back on Monday since they were closed the whole weekend and it was already Friday night... but at least I have all the police paperwork now even tough that took way too long if you ask me.

So when we were finally done at the police station we made our way back to Babaks house again , but while we were on our way he got a call from a friend he hasn’t seen in a long time and was very close so we first went to say hi to his friend and the group she was with. When they heard about my troubles they were very sympathetic and gladly helped me drown my sorrows and drowned they were……. Since I had a very big hangover the next morning (Saturday).

But despite the hangover I still got up early to print some photos of farfegnugel and bring them to the police just in case they might actually do some work…… after that I went to Piazza Verdi (a square where often stolen bikes are sold) to hang out for a while hoping I would see someone with it, but unfortunately not so after a while I went back to Babaks house.

After a couple of hours chilling at Babaks house we went out to meet with the fun group of last night to hang around and watch a street performance but it was a bit weird so we didn’t stay there for very long and went to the house of Katerina for a nice pizza dinner, drinks and lots of chatting which was really fun and good to get my mind of my stolen bike which I really needed.

Sunday was a really lazy day, I was mostly just browsing around the internet looking for bike shops in and around Bologna and see what options there are for buying a bike and whatsapping to see if some of the group was coming along that evening to see an open air concert, but they already had different plans, so we went with just Babak his roommate and another friend of theirs into the center to have some beers, but when we had enough and the concert was pretty much over already and they wanted to go home which I didn’t really feel like yet. Luckily I got a message from Elisa (from the fun group) and went to get some drinks with her which was really fun.

On Monday the first thing on the agenda was to add credit to my phone to call my insurance company to what’s what and to be honest I was quite disappointed to hear that I would only get about €280 euros for my bike, so I hope that the coverage for all the accessories and such will make it enough, since there is a much higher maximum limit for those things than for the bike, which I think is very strange…….anyway I still had a lot to do to gather all the bank transfers that I could find to show some proof of purchase for all the accessories. Unfortunately I also got some bad news from Babak since he is having some other guests over and doesn’t have enough room I can’t stay at his house anymore, but luckily Elisa came to my rescue and has a couch where I can sleep for some days :D

After calling the insurance again (Tuesday) to report all the accessories it appeared that they think it is all a lot of money and wanted me to send it all via the mail including the things that I paid in cash and have no receipts for, but all in all I guess it’s better for me too since it’s very expensive to call the insurance company from Italy yesterday was about €20 already :/ I just hope they won’t be difficult as some insurances can be, but it would seem that they already are doing a little difficult since I have to wait some 10 workdays before getting an actual reply about what I will get from them, so I sent them another mail explaining my situation and to ask if they can hurry up a bit, but I’m afraid that is of no use. I’m just happy Elisa is very understanding.

Wednesday I decided to go for a nice walk and look for a nice viewpoint by a church somewhere in the nearby hills which I am told should be very nice, unfortunately I went up the wrong hill, Twice….. but it still was a very nice walk and even got invited to try some kung fu lessons so I might try that tomorrow.

Well eventually I didn’t go to the kung fu lessons today (Thursday) since I had no idea what time and what the exact location was again :p so instead I tried to find the church again with the nice viewpoint which this time I did manage to find and get my head in order since I was feeling a bit down and stressed because I have no idea what the insurance will say and Elisa is going to visit her family next week so my time in Bologna is running out so I will have to first pay everything out of my own pocket and hope the insurance will cover enough of the costs.

although I really don’t feel comfortable with it I was thinking that if the insurance doesn’t cover enough and my budget gets cut down quite a bit which in turn will mean my trip will be shorter to ask some help of everyone that enjoys reading my blog, but I do not want to get something for nothing and really want to do/give something back to everyone that decides to donate something, maybe I can make a portrait, some kind of design or anything else I can help with for that matter, but if it gets to that point I will write another post about it and let you all know. But for now I need to hunt for a new bike and accessories.