lago di suviana

Well this morning it got to that time to leave Bologna and to test my new bike…again, but I have to admit I’m leaving with mixed feelings, despite my bike got stolen here I met such incredible people that made me feel so welcome I wouldn’t mind staying longer….. but unfortunately my time here has run out.

I did have to get used to cycling again after 1.5 week of not doing any activities and besides that I also have to get used to my new bike, but it did what it’s supposed to do although I do miss having the extra gears that farfegnugel has, but despite fewer gears I did manage to climb a steep hill of 14% so all in all it will be alright I think ^^ even though I was quite exhausted after that hill :p

On my way to the camping at lago di Suviana I met another cyclist that was going around his racing bike so not bike packing and he was so impressed by my journey he stuck with me for a while and showed me how to get to the camp site, it was quite fun trying to speak since his English was just a bit better than my Italian :P

At the moment I am unpacked and exhausted since there was quite some climbing today especially the last part up the hill to the camping where apparently there’s no one to be found but me and a giant army of flies and mosquitos that have started a full on attack on me :/ but at least I have a spray to keep the mosquitoes away ^^ and am taking refuge inside my tent and look for a host in Florence for tomorrow, which I eventually found, but it seems he has about 18 negative references which are REALLY bad but then also 780 positive references…… so I guess I’ll give it the benefit of a doubt and will see tomorrow.

About the insurance……. Eventually they did come through, but unfortunately for much less than I was hoping so soon I will write a post where I will specify to those who would like to help me out how they can do that :)