view on way to Florence

Pfffooeeee a very heavy day of cycling today it started with climbing almost immediately with slopes of 12 to 14 % so it was much steeper than expected and so I once again really missed having the extra gears and all the annoying bugs didn’t help much either :/

But after the 2 hour or so uphill bug invested struggle with high humidity I finally made it to the top which was very nice again, lovely views but because of the constant attack of the insect army there was little time to really enjoy it so after a couple photo’s I quickly kept going, but unfortunately it seemed that my GPS app was trying to have me commit suicide since it directed me to a non-existing road straight of a cliff :s WTF GPS…… so instead I turned to the other app which wanted me alive and well and showed me the right way which was a nice and steep awesome downhill, which was really awesome again :D reached 60km/h again what I really enjoyed and quickly recharged my energy :D

It was also really interesting to feel the weather change a lot, from warm and very humid and foggy to hot sunny and dry air as I was racing down like waves of warm air hitting me at several lower altitudes :D and when finally reaching all the down it was a good time for some lunch according to my stomach so I found a nice sunny spot and had something to eat before going the last flat 40km to Firenze/Florence.

After finally reaching the city I still had to go quite a while since the house of the last minute host I managed to find was on the other side of the city and had to go through many over crowded streets packed with tourist not paying any attention to their surroundings and had many near crashes with some just blindly crossing the street :/ but after a little while I finally made it to Leo’s (hosts) house but since he wouldn’t be at home for a couple hours I decided to rest a little and charge my phone in a small park in front of his house, but after maybe 20 minutes of sitting there, there was some old guy walking towards me asking if I was levi which I am and assumed he was Leo and instead of a nice welcome, he welcomed me with a small rant that I was not supposed to sit there in the park, but since he was willing to open his house to me I stayed polite and just smiled it off and told him I’ll go get an ice cream or something and kill some time until he was done with his work which he had to return to.

When it was finally time to go back to Leo’s house I took my sweet time in case he might be a little late and I would have to wait in front of his house again and risk another rant but instead he already called me asking if I was lost so I made way there I bit quicker and to my lovely surprise I wasn’t the only Couch surfers at his house :D there was also an Polish couple Ania and Lukasz and a Slovenian guy of which I don’t remember the name :P After a quick shower and explanation of a shit load of house rules (really A WHOLE LOT and many about really stupid small things) we had a typical Tuscan dinner with everyone there which was pretty nice but at the same time a little awkward because of Leo’s weird character and rules which no one wanted to break and risk a rant again :p (I wasn’t the only one welcomed by a rant about some stupid little thing).

After dinner I had some nice conversations with Ania and Lukasz who are also bikepacking and have the same plan as me the next coming days so we decided to stick together to explore Florence the next day and maybe even go to Pisa together.