view from museum in florence

Ufffff ….. way too early to start today….. but since host Leo had to work today and I stay at his place for free I can’t really complain of course so I dragged myself out of bed and into the shower and after that to the breakfast table where everyone was sitting.

After breakfast Ania Lukasz and me went into the center of Florence which was really good fun. At first we walked around a bit until a free walking tour was to start but the tour was a bit boring due to the very monotonous way the tour guide was speaking but despite that it was interesting to learn a bit about the city and saw the old houses of the guy that come up with the story of Pinocchio and the houses of Michelangelo and Leonardo (the old artist not our host :P)

When the tour was finished we were all getting a bit hungry and got ourselves some nice lunch from a street stall and went to one of the most important museums in the world which was founded by the Medici family and was home to many works of some very big and famous old artists among which: Botticelli, Michelangelo and Leonardo and was very interesting to see and we easily spent 3 hours or more in that museum which actually was pretty tiring :P but fun nonetheless^^

When we were done with all the art in the museum we went to have a look inside the cathedral but since Ania was wearing some short pants she was first refused to enter, but after buying a cheap cloth to cover up her legs she to was allowed to enter, but unfortunately they put all the money in decorating the outside of the cathedral and apparently there was nothing left for the inside which was really not very interesting at all so it’s good that it was a free entrance but it was pretty impressive how large the inside actually was, don’t think I’ve seen such a large inside space in any other cathedrals so far…..

After we’ve seen all the sights we were all pretty tired and hungry again and since Leo (the host) wouldn’t be home for at least 3 hours we went to a BK somewhere along the way to eat some and send a lot of requests for Pisa to kill some time and soon enough it was already time to go back to Leo’s house where more Couch surfers would be arriving.

But when we got there the new surfers had not yet arrived and it was clear Leo was not happy about this since in his borderline fascist rulebook it clearly states guest should arrive at exactly between 2015 hours and 2020 hours or tell at least 3 days in advance that they will be delayed……. So they too were welcomed by one of his rants which Ania Lukasz and me could only joke and laugh about since we already expected something like that, but also felt sorry for the newcomers :P but there was more to come since the Portuguese couple was supposed to cook and forgot to say that they also needed eggs for the recipe Leo started to kinda trip and started another even bigger rant than before… poor couple….. and especially the guy since he had to go to the store with Leo which took at least 20minutes and when they were back it was VERY clear on his face he was pretty annoyed with Leo already :P

But after all this we tried our best to make them feel a bit more comfortable and have some fun and some conversations, mostly making fun of Leo and all of his fascist rules :p but still at dinner there were some moments at which the tension could have been cut with a knife :P but at least it was a delicious dinner of which the recipe I’ll probably soon try myself :D

This time I tried to go to sleep a bit early since tomorrow I’ll have to get up at 7 and leave at 7.50 exactly but unfortunately it was still too hot, humid and me sweaty sticky and surrounded by loads of mosquitos to fall asleep :/ but eventually did at about 4am……