second breakfast on way to Pisa

Ufff what a horrible night it was and even worse was getting up this morning at 7 having only had about 3 hours of sleep :/ What also was very nice is that Leo was again being his annoying fascist self and was ranting about some stupid tiny things again such as me sitting in the wrong chair on the table since I drink tea instead of coffee….. WTF man….. and I was really not in the freaking mood for it……

So I was very happy when it was 7.50am and time for us to get the hell out of there, but before we left he just needed to rant us one last time as our bags were wrong place and we MUST move them some 30cm to the side (but were still in the middle of the road :/ )

But at least after that he left us alone which was a great relief for all 3 of us ^^ and could take our time loading up our bikes and make our way to Pisa where Lukasz found us a host ^^ We started of really slowly and it took us about 1.5 hours to really get out of the city, but it also plays a bit of a role that Lukasz may not be the best navigator in the world :P but it really didn’t matter at all since we had the whole day to get to Pisa anyway ^^

After a little bit some nice old Italian man started talking to us and luckily Ania could pretty much decode what he was saying and he told about a very good route to get to Pisa :D and a nice route it was indeed, mostly flat along a river through many nice natural area’s surrounded by the typical and beautiful Tuscan landscape so I took a lot of photo’s again :D

Also the weather and company was great and the time just flew by but since we took our sweet slow time we were only about half way after about 4 hours and decided to stick to the paved roads from there on out to catch up a little bit.

Once we finally arrive in Pisa we went to the Piazza where the leaning tower is to wait for our host for the next 2 nights and wow the tower is really beautiful I have to say especially when riding in to the piazza after a long day of cycling, really a sight to be seen ^^ Anyway after a short wait and some quick photos host Pietro had already arrived to take us to his house and start cooking dinner but most of the cooking was done by his uncle that also lives there and a really good dinner it was too very fun and cozy with lots of fun conversations, many about our previous host Leo which was cause for lots of laughs :P after dinner we did the dishes and kept talking to we all got pretty tired and called it a night.