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Saturday 19-09-2015 Pisa
Hmmmmm finally ….. I was able to sleep in again after a while of early mornings and start with a nice relaxed breakfast very nice :)

Host Pietro was mostly busy today with his work, so Lukasz, Ania and me went to the piazza where the leaning tower and cathedral of Pisa are and explore/ relax a bit and admire the buildings which I think are really beautiful besides that we were also making fun of the many tourists that were trying to take the very typical tourist photo of pushing up the leaning tower.

At around lunchtime we got a text from Pietro to see what we would do for lunch and asked us if we would like to join him for a typical Tuscan lunch of some kind of filled pasta wrap things which was really tasty :D but after lunch Pietro had to go back to work and Lukasz and Ania went back into the city to see the sights, I was getting a bit tired and decided to stay and do some blogging since I had not posted anything in a while and had some catching up to do which eventually took me some 3 hours :O a bit more than I thought it would :P

After finishing up with my blog I contacted Lukasz and Ania to join up with them again and see some more of the city. We went to have a beer at one of the best beer places of Pisa with free finger food yummmm ^^ but it became very clear that Italy is not much of a beer country since the bartender had no clue of how to pore a beer from the tap, he just put the glasses down under it and turned open the tap which caused a lot of foam every time for which he had to wait a while for it to go down and repeat the process, pretty funny to see, just not when you’re waiting for your beer :P

When we nearly finished our beers Pietro had finished his work and joined us to hang out, but since he doesn’t like beer we went to another place for some wine and also got a nice evening tour of the city, one of the places was an old theater which was squatted a while ago and was this evening used for some kind of performance which we missed but there was an after party going on which was very funny to see since as far as I may judge they were dancing in very strange ways and completely of beat :P after the old theater we saw some more old ruins which was really nice, so all in all it was a very nice evening.


my current steeds onway to massa1

Sunday 20-09-2015 Pisa – Massa

A lovely day again today :D a nice and easy start again with a nice breakfast with everybody but soon enough it was time to pack my things and load up my bike.

The plan is to go to Cinque Terre but since it is at least 100km with quite some hills I thought it would be a better idea to cut the ride in 2 and found a camping halfway there in a coastal town called Massa where unfortunately they didn’t have a nice sandy beach but the rocks on the coast were also fine.

Cycling went really well again since it was mostly flat although the route did take me mostly over big/busy roads which I usually find a bit boring but there were some nice views all around. When I finally arrived close to the beach the roads also became much more enjoyable and how I enjoyed being by the coast again with the nice smell of a sea and sand which really reminded me of home and decided to have a nice long lunch break on the beach and man how I miss chilling on the beach.

Despite the busy roads the views were really nice with mountains in the distance really cool and especially when I arrived by the beach it was even nice since on the right side there were big mountains and on the left the beach and the sea, such a wonderful location, something like this could be a place for me to settle down and buy some land someday when I’m all grown up and an actual adult :P but then at a place where you don’t have to pay to sit at the beach since every cm of sandy beach is owned by the beach clubs and you need to pay to sit on it….. :/

And that kinda put a dent in my plan to sleep on the beach that evening unfortunately , I hope I find a nice beach along my trip where I can sleep for a night or mayb a couple nights without risking being sent off, so I went to the camping after all where after arriving put up camp asap and went to the coast for a nice swim in the sea, really wonderful after only fresh water lakes and rivers for two months and luckily that part was all free since there was no sandy beach but instead a lot of rocks but that was fine too, although I would have like some sand more :P

After some chilling on the rocks by the sea I was getting a bit hungry and instead of cooking my dinner at the camping I decided to take my camping kitchen with me to the coast and do my cooking there with the wonderful view of the setting sun, really incredible and relaxing and then I once again realized how lucky and well off I am, despite the couple of setbacks I had, Life is good :D