sunset beer in levanto

Monday 21-09-2015 Massa – Levanto

And again a very nice a relaxing start and despite the unfortunate location of the camping, directly on a busy road, I had a good sleep, despite all the noise from the cars racing by.

I started cycling at around noon and the first 40km or so went by very quickly and was nice and flat but again over a busy and boring autoway but at least I could cover some nice distance pretty quickly :) The last 20km in the other hand were all in the hills so there was a lot of climbing involved…… then a little bit going down and then back up again which was very hard both physically and mentally and I really missed having the better and extra gears I had with farfegnugel :( but at least the views were beautiful although I was to focused on the climbing, luckily though the last couple of km were downhill which was really good since I was almost ready to take a bus :P

When I finally arrived at the camping I was very exhausted and while setting up camp had some small talk with the camping neighbors who were very impressed, after setting up camp I had a nice and refreshing shower which really helped a lot and filled up some energy reserves enough to find myself a nice cold beer and go watch the sunset on the beach :) and that really was a good treat :D

After my beer was finished and the sun had set I went back to camp for some cooking and got talking some more with the neighbors who were very friendly and even gave me a nice tiramisu dessert and some wine and insisted that I use their gas stove so I could save my own fuel. They were very interested in my travels and had many questions for me which I really enjoyed answering so all in all a very nice evening again.

view cinqu terre

Tuesday 22-09-2015 Cinque terre

Another lovely start of the day and despite the church bells ringing every 15minutes (even at night) I had a pretty good night sleep. I took it nice and easy again to start up and first made myself some tea while munching down on some cookies for breakfast ^^ and quickly enough left for Cinque terre

To get to the first village Monterosso from the camping I had a wonderful walk of about 6 km or so through and over forests and some hills it really was a beautiful walk and nice and quiet and hoped this would be a precursor for the actual Cinque terre walking trail .

Once I arrive in Monterosso it quickly became clear that Cinque terre is one of those places that’s mentioned in many if not all tour guides since it was very busy and flooded with tourists unfortunately, so after quickly eating something I went on for the Unesco hiking trail which should be very beautiful, when I got to the start of the trail it appeared I had to pay €7.50 to walk the actual trail ( a little strange but ok….) and was told this first part was the hardest and would take about 1.5 to 2 hours…….. well mayb for some old retirees or very unfit people walking the trail since I walked it in about 45minutes, I have to say I expected a lot more of a place like Cinque terre since it was a very easy hike and was mostly just walking up and down stairs cut out of the cliffs which was quite disappointing.

The surroundings and the villages were all pretty nice but all in all I have to say I think it’s all very much overrated and the very first part of the camping to Monterosso (which is not even part of Cinque terre) was the best part of the entire day since it was a more natural path and not nearly as crowded.

After having walked to and seen 3 of the 5 villages (Monterosso, Vernazza and Corniglia) I couldn’t go any further since the roads were closed and the detour would take too long since it was already 6pm and my knee started to be a bit painful form sprinting down all the stairs so I took the train back to Levanto which at first I missed because of the line in front of the ticket machine and nobody really knew how it worked so I had to wait an hour for the next one :/

The rest of the evening was nice and quiet, made some nice dinner again and had some nice chats with the neighbors before going to sleep again.

Wednesday and Thursday I took two lovely rest days and did as little as possible on Wednesday the weather wasn’t very nice so unfortunately no beach day as I planned so instead I typed out some blog posts but since the wifi wasn’t very good I couldn’t post them just yet ……. Other than that I made some adjustments to my bike gears which worked out pretty well :D

On Thursday luckily it was beach weather so that’s exactly where I spend the day :D chilling chilling and some more chilling ^^