Chilling on the beach viareggio5

Friday 25-09-2015 Levanto – Viareggio

The day started nice and easy ^^ and to be honest I didn’t really feel like leaving yet, but since theirs is not much left to do and to keep my budget in check I kinda had to move on……..

And to stay honest I have to admit I kinda cheated a little today and took the train from Levanto to La Spezia some 20km and many steep hills south which I did not feel like struggling with AGAIN, if only I still had Farfegnugel I would have had better odds conquering these steep hills ^^ (fyi while getting into Levanto the steepest parts were downhill)

Taking my bike on the train was luckily not much hassle except for the mass of people all trying to ruch in which I had to wait for a bit and when I was inside the train it was also quite funny with all the people at the stops in between getting in and out giving me some very strange but funny looks :p

When arriving at La Spezia I first had to get away from the crowd which was pretty big and chaotic so I could properly load up my bike and get back to cycling south again some 50 to 60 km more along the coast which was pretty nice. Around 4pm I thought to have a nice little break and chill on the beach for a while and found myself a nice quiet place which was pretty much completely empty around 6pm so I decided to spend the night there :D Which was really awesome I had a beautiful clear starry sky with some shooting stars too and a very relaxing sound of the waves crashing into the beach ^^

It did get a bit cold in the night and just before sunrise but not very bad at all and despite waking up several times at night I got up very well rested at sunrise ready for the day.

selfie with stevie castagneto

Saturday 26-09-2015 Viareggio - Castagneto Carducci

And a very nice day it turned out to be :D after getting up I had to look for a little drinking fountain/tap to wash up/ brush my teeth and fill my water bottles them went to hunt for my breakfast/ lunch at the nearest supermarket :P

After getting all the necessities I started to 90km ride of the day, luckily it’s all flat so I pretty quickly arrived where I needed to be ^^ I mostly rode over the SS roads (Strada Statale: not quite highways but still pretty busy) but I chose this deliberately since these are the most direct and flattest options ^^

Once I finally got to the village it seemed it was way up on top of a hill which did not make me very happy since after the 90km I was a little tired and didn’t really want to climb up there, but I had to anyway so kept on going and quickly enough made it up the hill into the village and after a bit of looking I finally found my good friend from home Stevie !!! :D which was both a little strange but very cool to meet up with him in a small Italian village close to the middle of nowhere :P But I was happy to see someone from back home again and talk Dutch :p

After a nice gelato, a cold beer and some quick catching up we went to the farm where he is staying/volunteering although funny enough the host wasn’t there but in Sicily for some work so the farm was managed by stevie and another wwoof couple Kora and Eelke both very nice and welcoming Dutchies so that was a lot of fun, for dinner we had some homemade pizzas from a homemade cob oven really really cool and of course very tasty ^^

Sunday 27-09-2015 Castagneto Carducci

Today it was a lovely and relaxing day, it started with just some chilling around the farm and me updating some blogs which was a bit overdue, since I haven’t had much reliable internet connections. After some nice breakfast together Eelke showed Stevie and me how to do some tension release exercises which was really nice, it’s a type of exercise where you first strain a certain muscle group then relax it and then again slightly straining it resulting in a lot of shaking of the muscles which was very relaxing :D

Then after a nice lunch and some tea we went to the beach not too far from the farm which was really nice, I needed a day of beach chilling and did some nice long meditating there which really charged my batteries after a while of chilling swimming and playing with the dogs we went back to the farm to chill some more so all in all a very nice relaxing day :D

Monday 28-09-2015

Another very relaxing day, didn’t really do much at all since everybody went to another farm to talk about some options for paid work I was left to my own devices and decided to very little :P so mostly I was watching some video’s and play with the dogs a bit, until they all got back again and chilled together some more, for dinner I helped Stevie make a soup which turned out really good :D

Tuesday 29-09-2015

And today we had a bit more active day which was also nice. We went to help harvest some wine grapes at a neighboring farm which needed some extra hands since there were only 3 wwoof-ers and a whole lot of grapes to be harvested :P

After a quick explanation of which are the bad grapes and which are not we went to work which was actually pretty nice to do ^^and had some nice conversations with the wwoof-ers until lunch time which was a very tasty pasta and an ice cream desert yummmm, after lunch we got an explanation of how the wine was made which was very interesting to hear and see, the rest of the day I kept helping with the harvest since I didn’t have anything else to do and was enjoying it quite a bit so stayed there until 7pm since it was getting a bit cold and I was getting hungry :P

Wednesday 30-09-2015

Today was also an active but still relaxing day, me and Stevie did some work on the farm we were staying things like cleaning the chicken coop, cutting down some overgrown bamboo since a weasel was getting in to the chicken pen…… which was pretty cool hacking down the bamboo with a machete :D we also manually tilled over some soil to get it ready for some autumn crops which was also pretty fun :D

After the work it was time for relaxing and chilling again and went for a nice walk around the area with Stevie and it really is a very nice area I have to say ^^ eventually we ended up in the village again and got a nice Gelato before heading back to the farm and chill some more until dinner.

After dinner I got a msg from one of the wwoof-ers of the neighboring farm if we would like to come over for some wine and fun, unfortunately Eelke and Stevie weren’t up for it since they had to get up early the next morning, so I went there by myself which really was a lot of fun, although I had a bit too much wine and got pretty late so they didn’t let me leave again so I slept over there and woke up with a nasty hangover :P