tour of area grosseto1

Thursday 01-10-2015 Castagneto carducci – Grosseto

Ufffff such a nasty hangover this morning too much organic wine I suppose :P but it was a lot of fun. After a slow start up I went back to the farm where I was staying to try and sober up and pack my things since my time there was up it took me a while but eventually was ready to go around 12.

The cycling started pretty unpleasant due to being hungover and got even worse because of some shitty weather, after some 2 hours of cycling the sky split open and it started raining quite a bit and beside that there was also a very annoying head wind grrrrrr so I tried to keep my mind quiet otherwise I would just be nagging to myself anyway and just keep on going and going for 90km through rain and wind :/ since I would get cold really quickly if I would take a break.

After some 4,5 hours cycling through that shit weather I finally arrived in Grosseto drenched and exhausted but soon that didn’t matter after a very warm welcome by my hosts Sara and Francesca both very nice and hospital girls and after a nice warm shower had some nice talks with them and made some plans for what we would do during the time I was there.

After some chats it was getting around dinner time and went to a place for some drinks and free finger food which was really nice stayed there for a little while before going to another place where some of their friends were performing in a band which was really nice music (you can listen to them on soundcloud or Spotify just look for Matterella) there were also many other friends of theirs which was really fun and all were very welcoming and amazed/interested in my trip so it was a wonderful evening which definitely balanced out the crappy bike ride :D

Friday 02-10-2015 Grosseto

Had a pretty relaxed day again, after a relaxing start up me and Francesca went to a little bistro for some breakfast and meet up with Sara there.

Since Francesca had to work unexpectedly Sara took it up on herself to show me everything in and around Grosseto which was of interest but since the weather was still pretty crappy we just went everywhere by car, which was actually a nice change of pace after pretty much only cycling everywhere for 2,5 months :p

Luckily the weather cleared up late in the afternoon and after some chilling with some of their friends from the previous evening we went to pick up Francesca and went to a small village not too far where there was a nice food/ wine festival which was really fun, had lots of good food and great wine yumm ^^ after a couple of hours at the festival we all went back to Francesca’s house for some chilling and relaxing which was all good fun.

Saturday 03-10-2015 Grosseto - Pescia Romana

After some nice sleeping in, which I really needed after last nights fun I had to find all my stuff since it was scattered all through the room and put it back together ready for packing, but first some breakfast chilling with Francesca and wait for Sara since she wanted to say goodbye before I leave ^^

The ride was a bit challenging today since I was feeling a little bit down, saying goodbye to so many awesome people I just met is kinda starting to get to me and also I was getting a little tired of being on the road pretty much all the time…….

So I think it will be a good idea if I start taking it slower and maybe stay longer at certain places or even look for a volunteering spot on a farm somewhere so I can be a bit stationary for a while.

The route it self started out pretty nice through the typical Tuscan hills but I quickly realized that I will not be making the planned 80km if I stayed on this route, this bike is just not suited for climbing….. I miss farfegnugel :( so eventually I went back to the boring SS road which is only straight and busy with cars which I was not really in the mood for but at least I could make some more distance on this road…..

The camping where I arrived was pretty chill although there was nobody else there it was right beside a beach where I find it easy to get my head/ thoughts straightened out or at least a bit more since I still had that nagging feeling of being done with this whole biking trip but at least it was good for some relaxing ^^

After dinner and doing the dishes I realized there was an incredible beautiful starry sky above and I think I have never seen so many stars in the sky just too bad it was infested with mosquitos and the anti mosquito stuff wasn’t keeping them all away so I quickly went to cover in my tent and sleep.

wildcamping next to closed camping

Sunday Pescia Romana – Civitavecchia

Again a bit of a downer day :( and was again seriously thinking of making a big change in the way I’m traveling, ditch the bike, get a backpack and travel via other means (bus, train, walk etc) So that was going around my head A LOT while cycling today.

When I finally arrived at the camping being quite exhausted it appeared the camping was closed which was another blow to my moral :( I asked around if some people knew of another camping nearby but but unfortunately not so, but luckily they told me about a small patch of forest where I could pitch my tent for a night, so I did that instead.

Other than that I really didn’t do anything else but lie down and rest in my tent since I was very tired, unfortunately I was not able to take a little nap, so instead I asked around at some FB cycling groups for some advice about my conflicting feelings of late and most advice I got was to take it slower and rest more so I really have to look for a nice place to volunteer for a few weeks.