colosseum in rome

Monday 05-10-2015 Civitavecchia – rome

Well doing almost nothing yesterday after setting up camp really helped, no downer day today so I could go at it again and make my way to the eternal city Rome :D

After I got some food the weather started to clear up too which of course was very nice and made cycling more enjoyable too ^^ and since I had an early start I could take it my time and had no need to hurry at all. After about 5 hours of cycling I finally arrived in Rome and started looking for Giulia’s address which was not that hard to find luckily despite the busy traffic :D It was great seeing her again after such a long time after the Camino and was funny to see her house with my own eyes instead of via skype :P

Also met her parents and brother who are all very nice and welcoming and have a good sense of humor so it all clicked very well :D they all seemed to be quite impressed by my trip and had a nice long chat about it during dinner(a very tasty pasta). After which Giulia and me went for a small walk around the neighborhood and get some sweet Gelato.

The next day (Tuesday 06-10-2015) was a nice and slow start so I was well rested and was able to send out some requests for Naples and look for volunteer farms and after lunch got a nice walking tour from Giulia’s brother who is also a tour guide so he had many interesting things to tell me about all the sights he showed me which was very cool. We went to st. peter square, piazza navona and the pantheon which are all very beautiful and was really nice to hear about the background stories but after that we started to get a bit hungry again and went to a very nice bakery for some tea and very tasty cakes yummmmm.

When we finished our tea and cakes Giulia was finished with her study for the day and joined up with us and went to get some Gelato ^^ after which we went back to their house since it was about dinner time a very tasty potato and bacon pie this time and had some nice conversations again :D

After dinner me and Giulia went out to get some beers but couldn’t find a nice beer place right away so went walking around looking for a nice place and ended up at a nice Irish pub and enjoyed ourselves some nice beers and chat.
beers with giulia rome

On Wednesday (07-10-2015) it started pretty much the same as on Tuesday, nice and easy and some mailing with volunteer farms and found a couple where I can go so let’s see which is the better option for me ^^

At around 3pm I went out on my own to explore the city and see the sights I didn’t see yesterday which was really nice. I went to piazza di spagna, Trevi fountain (which unfortunately was under construction), piazza venezia which has a beautiful memorial and from there made my way to the colosseum which was connected by a boulevard surrounded by lots of ruins, very nice to see :D after walking around the colosseum I had enough with the sightseeing and the crowds and went to get some Gelato again nearby piazza navona on the way back which I enjoyed while sitting on a wall by the river listening to a good street performer until it was time to get back for dinner and have some more beers in town afterwards^^

Thursday (08-10-2015) started the same as the previous days, but even after the slow start I was still pretty tired but since it was nice weather I went to a park to chill some more enjoy the sun a little there was also a nice viewpoint from which there was a very nice view over the city but unfortunately it was very crowded with people so I went back to chilling in the sun some more :P

After a while it was about time to get moving and meet up with Giulia at her university since there was a street food festival in that area which was pretty nice and the food very tasty, but also way too busy and for the prices they asked the portions were too small especially after waiting some 20minutes in line. So after just a few food trucks we were kinda done there and went to get some kebab instead :P and headed back to her house and chilled out until it we got too tired to keep our eyes open :P

On my last full day at Rome (Friday 09-10-2015) I had myself a nice and very lazy day which I really felt I needed and chilled at the house pretty much all day, watching some video’s and surfing the web ^^ somewhere in the afternoon Giulia’s mom came home and we hung out in the kitchen having some nice conversations about many different things which was quite fun trying to help her practice her English, turns out she plays a lot of instruments which I find pretty impressive.

After some hours of relaxing everybody slowly started to arrive back and soon enough it was already time for some nice pizza dinner ^^ which was also really nice again with some fun chatting and delicious dessert yummmmm, the rest of the evening was more chilling and watched a movie with Giulia (tomorrow land) what I really missed doing just chilling watching a movie in the evening and being lazy :D