cleaing the leaves at farm

Farmlife two weeks or so at the farm

Well to be honest nothing really interesting happening here at the farm, it’s mostly quite relaxing actually ^^ although I did get a nasty cold on the first days. The work is not very hard at all, even though I did get some blisters on my hands quite quickly :P but that’s just from the first couple of days of “hard” work. The people here are all very nice but unfortunately not much English is spoken by most of them which makes it very quiet for me, but then that is also pretty nice, although someone to have a nice conversation with would also be nice by now :P

The days go by pretty quickly and the usual pattern would be:
wake up around 8 am -> breakfast -> do some work -> lunchtime -> Levi time -> dinner time -> back to chilling until going to sleep.

Work is pretty much just helping out with general things that need to be done here at the farm and the stuff I’ve been doing is pretty much the following:
- The first couple of days I was digging a small trench and also started planting a rosemary hedge/fence
- Cleaning sweeping the barn
- Cleaning out the horse stable (yes taking out all the horse shit :P)
- Helping to install a roof on a small tool shed
- Trimming plants
- Sweeping up all the leaves around here (which are a lot :P)
- Harvesting olives
all pretty easy going with lots of little break times in which we enjoy some lovely consumable herbs from the farm, really awesome :D
installng a roof at farm

In my free time, I’m mostly just hanging around and chilling on the farm and watch some video’s do some reading etc. especially since there has been quite a bit of rain, but when the weather is good which can still get really nice I go walking around to explore the local area. On one of those little walks I actually got bitten in the arm by a freaking asshole dog and ripped the sleeve of my rain jacket :/ luckily I know a bit how to use a needle and thread and was able to fix it ^^ although I don’t think it’s rain proof anymore :( But luckily earlier that day I found some wonderful Beers from back home (la trappe) so all in all I can’t be angry about anything :P

I think this about covers most things here on the farm so far :) sorry it took so long to post another blog but since there isn’t much happening there’s not much to blog about :P