kathedral in florence

Friday 23-05-2015 Back to Florence

Woohooo finally going back to Florence to meet up with Elisa from Bologna after a month of chatting, whatsapp etc ^^. Sooooo I had to get up really early (about 5.30am when it’s still freaking dark outside bleeeghh :P) since it’s a long trip from the farm to Florence.

Luckily Andrea (farmer) was willing to drop me off at the train station which saved me an hour of walking :D so I was right on time for the train since right after getting in it started to move already on the 2 hour trip to Naples where I will catch the bus for a trip of 7.5hours, but after getting to Naples I still had to wait 2 hours for that bus to arrive…….. I took an earlier train on purpose since it’s well known that public transport here in Italy is often enough late and I couldn’t afford to miss the bus, but luckily everything was right on time and after the 2 hour wait I was on my way to Florence, but damn what a mind killer sitting in a bus for 7.5hours and not being able to sleep or anything :/ yes I brought stuff to read/draw and such but after finishing some chapters I was done with that and drawing wasn’t much of an option because the bus was too shaky thanks to the wonderful roads here :P


Around 5.30pm I finally arrived in Florence and could finally stretch my legs again, how nice :D and since I had to wait a little bit on Elisa since her train was late I had a nice good walk around, but soon enough she also arrived and was good to see her again :D and together went to look for the address of our Airbnb house which took a bit longer since Elisa’s sense of direction isn’t the best I’ve seen and she didn’t wanna let me use my gps, but eventually we managed to find it after all :P.

The host of whom we are renting the room for the weekend is really nice and our room was nice and big and finally a bed without any springs sticking into my side :D After unpacking and some chatting with the host we went out for a little walk and orientating and got ourselves some nice kebab and pizza dinner yummmmm :D But after a little while we were getting a little tired and went back to our room and call it a night^^.

Saturday we were both feeling a little lazy(or at least I was :P) and took our sweet time getting up and ready to head out into Florence, but after a nice small first breakfast at the house we made our way to the center but got a bit more filling second breakfast on the way ^^

We walked around a lot and I saw many things/places I didn’t see the first time and I also saw quite a few new traffic sign art which was really nice :D we also had many good things to eat like local sweets and of course gelato !!! yummmmm :D. After some hours of wandering around seeing the sights and having fun we started to make our way back to the Airbnb house and got some groceries along the way for a pasta dinner that Elisa wanted to cook, since she doesn’t trust my cooking skills :P
trafficsign art in florence

But the pasta was very nice ^^ and after I had a little after dinner dip so I went to lay down and take a nap before going out. Unfortunately I woke up a bit late and she didn’t wake me up earlier so we decided to stay there and just chill and have a nice lazy evening ^^

Sunday we again had a nice an lazy start and had a nice little first breakfast and a nice chat with our host, but soon enough it was time for us to pack or bags again and say our goodbyes to the host and head back into the city again where we got our second breakfast before heading into some museums.

At first we went to a paleontology museum with many fossils of mammoths, sabretooth tigers etc which was pretty cool to see. The second museum was all about minerals and crystals which I though was really cool to see, lots of beautiful crystals in all the colors of the rainbow and very interesting shapes, although Elisa didn’t like it much and got pretty bored so we went on to the next museum which took a while to find, but find it we did :P. The archeological museum was pretty interesting too and had many cool but also weird artifacts but mostly lots and lots of old weapons, spears swords etc. etc.

After some hours spent in the museums we were all done with that and since we still had lots of time to kill went to walk around more and get some snacks ^^ for which I first needed to get some cash, little did I know the atm I went to was hungry for plastic and decided to swallow my bankcard …..grrrrrrrr so that pretty much sucked, but luckily I still have my credit card I can use to get money, but still as fast as I could called my bank to arrange for a new one which will take about a week to arrive at my moms and then she’ll have to send it to me again ^^. After this little ordeal I was feeling a little bummed out and could use a nice beer which we went and get and chill out and watch people go by on a square which was really funny, especially with our added commentary :P

Slowly it was getting dinner time so we went around looking for a nice place to get some dinner and decided on a nice pizza on a square where we could do some more people watching :P. When we were done with that it was back to walking around again since we still had some hours to kill and found a pretty nice street band performing which was really nice, but unfortunately the hours flew by and soon enough it was already time to start heading towards the train station where Elisa had to get her train home at 10.30pm and so we had to say our goodbyes again :(

After Elisa left I headed out to look for the piazza from where my bus would depart and decided to wait there for the remaining 1.5hour since there wasn’t much to do otherwise, unfortunately the time that was going by so fast decided to slow down a lot at that moment and after about an hour of waiting I got a message from megabus that there is a 40minute delay…….. grrrr so that really sucked, especially while being cold and tired :/ luckily there were some other people also waiting and had a bit of a chat with them. One of them was backpacking around but when he rented a car in Rome some assholes smashed a window and cleaned out the whole car, taking all of his stuff, backpack, passport everything :O so I hope everything works out for him……..

After a while the bus finally arrived and to my surprised it was packed with people and really had to search for a place to sit ….. but with luck I found myself a good place with an empty seat next to me and as soon as I parked my butt I tried to get some sleep woke up after some hours but was able to sleep again until I woke u again and pretty much spent the whole night ride like that sleep, wake up, sleep, wake up. Pretty exhausting but better than being awake the whole time :P

After finally getting to Naples I was in a hurry to catch my train since there were only 5 minutes for me to get a ticket and figure out at which track I had to be…….. after some 10minutes of “stressing” it turned out it was cancelled and I had to first take a train to Caserta and from there the train to Piedimonte Matese but it turned out that in Caserta I had to wait about 3.5 hours for the train to arrive :/ so I walked around Caserta for a little bit got some breakfast and killed as much time as possible…….but eventually it arrived and after a total trip of 13hours (or more) I was finally back in Piedimonte Matese and got myself an nice icecream before going back to the farm and just chill out for the rest of the day and sleep.