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After the wonderful weekend in Florence, Tuesday (27-10-2015) it was again time to get back to work at the farm, good thing it’s been great weather ^^ (shorts and t-shirt kind of weather, sometimes even no shirt :D )

These 2 weeks were mostly about harvesting olives, at least on the days with some good weather. We had some long full days of harvesting these weeks, from 9 to 5 but took our sweet time combing the olive trees with our rakes ^^

From Wednesday (28-10-2015) we had some extra hands to help with harvesting the olives which was really nice. We also started to use an pneumatic harvester so all in all it all went a lot faster to get all the olives out of the trees. Although it was all much faster it was also a bit more tiring so had myself a nice little nap when we were done ^^.

Thursday and Friday (29 & 30 okt) were both pretty rainy so no harvesting these 2 days :D jeeejj since I was starting to have enough of olives for a bit :P so instead of harvesting I had 2 days of getting rid of all the fallen leaves on the farm since there were (are) A LOT. Other than that it were 2 nice and easy days. Thursday however I unexpectedly found myself at kids birthday party instead of the regular dinner table :P and of course nobody that spoke any English (there were adults and such too not only little kids). Luckily the food was great and the wine flowed richly ^^ so I was able to keep busy, even so I as soon as I had enough to eat/drink I retreated back to my room and watch a movie ^^ (btw the kids party was for the daughter of Andrea and Valentina, My farm hosts)
view from olive tree at farm

The weekend was a relaxing one again ^^ although Saturday was a full day of harvesting olives again but that was all fine after the 2day break from it. Sunday however was very relaxing. The weather was wonderful which I very much enjoyed. First of course I took my time getting up :P but soon enough headed to the kitchen/restaurant for some breakfast where there was some lovely cake in the fridge just begging to be stolen :p, at least a little bit, after my sweet tasty breakfast I updated my blog a little but because of the weather I was done with that fairly quickly and wanted to enjoy the good weather. At first I had a very nice meditation, which I really needed and did me very well, after that I tried some drawing although nothing really came out of it so instead I decided to do some reading until one of my kitty friends came by for some playing and cuddling ^^

Aaaaaaand then it was Monday again….. time to head back to the olive trees….. although this day turned out quite exhausting for me so when we got back to the farm I went for a little nap again, although not so little as I planned since I woke up around 1 at night and completely missed out on dinner :P but good thing I wasn’t hungry and still tired enough so I just turned around and went right back to sleep again ^^

When I woke up on Tuesday my back was killing me, probably why I was so tired, most likely because of the posture when harvesting the olives in combination with the pneumatic harvester since it’s a bit on the heavy side. So I was happy to hear this day we wouldn’t do any harvesting but instead we brought the olives that we already harvested to the oil press to get out the olive oil. It was really cool to see how they go from olive to olive oil, the process is actually pretty simple but still interesting to know :D After dropping of the olives we went to the neighboring farm which is a flower nursery and they still had a lot of flower left that weren’t sold, so we could take them for free otherwise they would end up in a compost heap somewhere which would be a shame ^^ so with about 2,5 truckloads of flowers I will soon have a nice project of planting them all around the farm :D
unloaded flowers at farm

The rest of the week it was back to harvesting olives again but luckily it was great weather and I even got a bit burned by the sun :P All in all I didn’t really do a whole lot during these days of harvesting since my back was still pretty painful :( so no bending, tree combing or heavy lifting for me but I could still make myself useful by climbing the trees and pick olives from there which also didn’t bother my back at all :D and of course climbing trees is lots of fun making the harvest more enjoyable too :D

Sunday I had the whole day to myself and had wonderful weather again :D I woke up around 8 am no alarms and well rested but being lazy me stayed chilling until 9am or so :P and started the hunt for breakfast again, some nice cake and tea and munched that down while surfing the web. After breakfast I had a great meditation again in the warm and burning sun :D very nice, except for all the freakin flies :/ but soon enough it was time to get active and start my planned walk through the mountains. It really was a wonderful walk , lots of nature and lovely autumn smells ^^ although there weren’t any hiking trails just following the road got me to the top at 1025m pretty quick and easy. Once at the top I needed to stop and take a break to take in the incredible view of the area, really beautiful. After some chilling and enjoying the surrounds I had to get moving once again since these days it gets dark way too early and I didn’t feel like walking the unlighted roads to the farm…….. unfortunately I was much slower than expected and didn’t get back to the farm until 18.30, so I had a very unpleasant walk for about an hour in the pitch dark with an occasional car racing by :/ But I made it back safely although very sore and legs feeling like lead, even so it was definitely worth it ^^